Monday, July 22, 2013

{The Reason for the 7 month blog escape}

Wow, it doesn't really seem like I was gone a whole seven months, but I was. There were several factors in my sudden disappearance from blog land one being that I was over stressed at home with so many people living with us and between the chaos they all brought and the upheaval it brought into my home I think I started to pull further and further into myself and away from the things and people I enjoyed. 

I know I have depression tendencies but can mostly stave them off with some "ME" time, although now I realize I never got my "ME" time but at the time I couldn't seem to figure out why I was spiraling. I pulled away from everything, including photography and my camera. My crafting suffered as well and it didn't help that my carpal tunnel was making it harder to create the items I love which in turn made me sink further into my own self pity. Of course this only hindered everything else in my life too.

I didn't realize how much my life was being bogged down by the constant stream of guests in and out of our home until after they were all gone and suddenly I could breathe again and finally my house was my home and sanctuary again! It's only been a few months of NO GUESTS but I can feel myself getting back to normal. I am even picking up my camera again editing them in a timely manner. 

My depression is still here but it's fading and though I know it won't ever fade and will come back in spurts, I don't want to feel so alone while surrounded by so many again. I haven't felt that way in a very long time and I don't ever want to feel that way again. Slight depression is what I am more capable of dealing with and living with and can manage. What I was mired in during the past seven months was exhausting and overall draining. I'm glad I am pulling out of it.

My goal is to start posting once or twice a week and work my way back up to daily posts about the happenings in my chaotic little world. I also hope to get back into the things that I pulled away from during the past seven months. 

I know the next few months will be a crazy as I try to get into a homeschooling routine with the kids and get myself back into a good frame of mind to enjoy my life to the fullest again. I am hopeful and know because I can breathe again life will become easier and the goals I set will be achieved.

So starts my journey to a better mental state, better health and overall happiness and joy for life that I lost and want to regain back.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

{It has been a while}

Alot has happened in the time I last wrote until now. Let's see, since I last wrote I got everyone who was staying with us out of our house, closed my photography business, started up my crafting in it's place (but mostly as a hobby), found a new home for Ceasar (due to him not liking Myrna and peeing everywhere he could - I know another dog down but he was found an amazing home thru a pug rescue with a loving lady who has time to retrain him to not pee inside plus she is kid free), William got a puppy, we bought a new car and fixed up our backyard. 

Life has been crazy insane and hectic but we made it thru, a little more insane because of the crazy chaos but that only makes life interesting, right?  Below are some pictures from my camera phone because during this "break" I put my camera down and never picked it back up and then downsized it and I am sorta starting to get out of my photography funk and pick up my camera but it will still take time to get back to where I was before (thousands of pictures over the course of a year).

Over the course of this next school year, I will probably write about our homeschooling experiences since I am going to be homeschooling the oldest 3 using K12 Idaho virtual Academy. FUN!!

Pictures below start from oldest to newest. Enjoy!!

Sam turned 10! Crazy, right!!

Our backyard is looking somewhat put together

William's new puppy, "Harper"

William got a tattoo, "the key to hell" from Sandman

Our friends came to visit us!

lots and lots of bunnies were made for easter

Our new van, our old one was on it's last leg

the kids made chainsaws using old milk jugs and cardboard

Ruth got sick from being dehydrated and had to get IV fluids

made lots of banana bread since I last posted

and cookies too.

Aaron turned 12 this year!! How did I end up with a 12 year old!!

I made lots of little face pins for a craft show

one of my many thrift store finds

Myrna tried to poke out my eye  and in the process scratched my cornia

made lots of clutches for a craft show

one of my thrift store finds

I just love how her ears perk

more thrift store finds

before his hair cut
After his hair cut, he wanted to look like "carl from walking dead"

before his hair cut
after his hair cut, he wanted to look like "dean winchester"

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