Sunday, July 29, 2012

{2 days of fun}

While we were waiting for William to be done with one of his appointments me and the kids had fun outside the building looking at bugs and plants until it was time to go.

I love his sense of style. He's his own person and I just love it!!

Later that week Aaron had a friend sleep over. I took them to the dollar store for sunglasses and soda. I snapped a few pictures of them goofing off on the way home. We even picked up some sunglasses for Myrna too, because she woulda been mad if had forgotten about her.

on our way to the store

on our way back home from the store

yes, they are too big for her but she loved them.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

{POS: take three}

So this is my third week of doing the "Proud of my size" link-up with Rachele at Nearsighted Owl. I am having tons of fun with it too! The skirt I am wearing I absolutely love because it's a basic pencil skirt from the front but once I turn to walk away, WAM fun ruffles hit you!

The shirt and shoes I got for less then $5 total for both at a thrift store. I just love the shoes and they are the only "color" I have really besides the basic brown, black and one pair of grey. They are fun and sassy and I like 'em! I might go searching for more colorful shoes in the future.

I am so glad that Rachele started doing this type of link up because it's really starting to help me put things into perspective and has helped with my self esteem and elevate my moods so I don't become to weighted down in my depression spells. Plus it gets me out in front of the camera more so my kids will know how I looked when I am young-ish. *smile*

glasses: eyemart express
Shirt: thrifted
Skirt: lane bryant
black cami: lane bryant
shoes: thrifted

how cute are these! They look like shoes that some gal in the 40's might wear.


I got ready for lunch with my mom and aunt and felt the need to take a few pictures of what I was wearing before my mom got to our place. of course she got there just as we were finishing up and I told her she had to get in the last few too!

I am so glad she lives alot closer now. I have missed her and my dad for some time and I am glad I get to see them more often!!

We went to the new Texas Roadhouse in Nampa and it was delish! the food was good and the staff there was super nice and spunky. Defiantly going back for sure!!

shirt: Thrifted
black tank top: old navy
pants: lane bryant
shoes: thrifted
headband: vintage necklace
glasses: eyemart express

I turned this into a headband by adding a bit of cord to it so I could wear it like a is originally a choker.

before our meal came

after our meal came - too much food thus the boxes!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

{My loves}

I took the following images of my kids with my camera phone. I wished they all were looking at me and almost got it but had to take the top two images and merge them to get the bottom image...I still need to work on it but it's getting close! Once I have it just right I am going to get a big poster size of this to hang on my wall. Well, maybe not poster size but as big as I can without it looking crazy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{In-law visit: part 6}

{In-law visit, part 6: Goodbye}

We started off the morning with breakfast and then followed it with a few pictures of William with his sister and mom while the kids played some magic, read and overall just had fun before everyone had to leave. This was a good visit and it went alot better then I expected. Defiantly going to have to do this again sometime.

Everyone had a good time and even though our days were packed full of fun it never seemed to be chaotic with so many people in our small place. It was great and I am glad the kids all got along and had fun.

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