Friday, September 28, 2012

{my life the last few weeks}

Let's see since my last post I had to go to the ER due to extreme pain from a kidney stone, it felt like I was going to die, it hurt so bad. I saw a urologist and have to pee in a jug for a whole day and keep it refrigerated (all I can say is EWWW because that means it has to go in my fridge) and then send it out to have my urine analyze so that they can determine if the stones were caused by environmental or hormonal so we can make sure it doesn't happen again.

This is how I felt: worst pain of my life
Ruth lost her first tooth this month! It's just another slap in the face that she's growing up and I can't stop it at all! Soon she will want to date and be talking about boys and the thought of that is freaking me out!

I went out running errands with my Uncle and made sure I looked presentable since I wasn't feeling so hot since I was still nauseated because of the stones. While getting into the car from running one errand at Walmart I see a note on my windshield telling me my tire is flat, (super nice of whoever did it because I didn't notice the flat since it was on the back passenger side of the van). I took it to les and I ended up havin schwab g to get all new tires on my car. This was unexpected but I knew was probably going to happen just thought it wouldn't need to be done so soon. 

Found these cute little owl earrings at a local vintage store. I love how colorful they are!

Waiting at les schwab for almost 2 hours waiting for them to get my car in and put tires on the van
Had a table at the one year anniversary of a local antique store. That was fun and even though I only sold one doll, I did do a trade with 3 other dolls for some great pieces of jewelry from a few of the other vendors. Ruth helped me on the first day. I met lots of great vendors and lots of interesting people.

New dollies made

Ruth wearing her spider necklace and one of her finds while helping me

What I was selling
Went to my Aunt's birthday party. It was great to chat and catch up with my Mom, Dad and Aunt Jeanie and her caregiver. It was fun and the cake was sooo yummy! I know my Aunt had a great time and she loved how bright her cake was. She enjoyed being able to see her brother and sister. 

I spent yesterday with my mom. It was fun to hang out with her but I was pooped afterwards and I am sure she was too. We hit 3 stores together and then she headed home and I picked up the kids from school then headed out to finish up my errands. Ruth made some lovely pictures for Nana and asked me to take some pictures so she knew Nana got them since she had to be in school and couldn't give them to Nana herself.

On a completely different note, while out with my mom I was wearing this little cheetah broach and no matter how I pinned it, it looked like it was checking out my boobs. Everytime I looked down it was like it was staring at them. I kept thinking "what a perv" and laugh out loud.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

{I'm running a zoo}

We are helping out some friends and as part of helping them my house has now become a zoo. 8 cats, 4 dogs, 1 hairless rat, 1 old ferrett, 4 kids and 5 adults. Everyone is getting settled and it's not nearly as crazy as I thought it would be. Below are some pictures of our new zoo.

This is TIKI: she will be staying with us even after our friends leave, she's a good mouser

This is SOPHIE: she's a little bi-polar, if you don't do what she wants when she wants it she will attack or love you

This of course is our TOBY: he's not too happy about the zoo that's invaded his home.

This is NUGGET: she's a bit shy but spunky

This is BOBO: he's got some nerve damage and shakes a bit but is the sweetest kitty

This is IZ: he's a fat kitty that is very people friendly and will hop into any lap available for loves

This is of course our SORRY: she's not too keen on the whole zoo invasion either.

This is TIMMY: he's a sweet old kitty and looks like a lion

Ceasar, Milo and Melvis begging for food

MADDY is the big dog on the end, MILO is the dog in the middle and that little ball of rat dog is MELVIS

and here is a quick pic of the hairless rat

{Proud of my size}

Are you proud of your size? Well, I am. If you want to read more from others who are proud of their size just click on the box below to be sent to the link up.

What I wore to take the kids to school and for the whole day: capri yoga pants, black tank over a blue cami

What I wore: blue jeans, purple ruffle tank over pink cami

What I am wearing today: stripped henley over a blue cami, brown corduroy pants and probably some heels since my legs are sooo short and these pants are soooo long.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

{Pizza - Yum}

I made some pizza from scratch, dough and all. It was super easy and not really that much harder then picking up the phone to call in an order. (well a little bit harder then placing a call but still pretty easy)

It was a huge success and there wasn't a piece left in any of the pans...I made 3 pizza's (1 extra large and two mediums). I will defiantly be using this recipe again.

Our new "guests"

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{A hoard of Animals and a couple guys}

So as you may or may not have known my Uncle has been staying with us, well in his travel trailer in our driveway but recently we found out our friends needed some help so we offered up our guestroom for them and their pets. I now have 6 extra cats, 3 extra dogs a ferret and a hairless rat along with my own dog and 2 cats.

My own cats have are indoor/outdoor and would prefer to be outside most of the time because of the hoard of animals and they keep getting chased off by one of the new cats in the house. Ceasar is trying to get along with the other animals but is having a hard time.

I am sure soon everyone will get along but for now it's been a stressful for all the animals. I hope things mellow out soon and everyone becomes more relaxed with one another.

I am slowly getting my house back to normal since being sick for so long and I am becoming more domestic, well somewhat anyways. My guestroom needed a second bed so I had to clear all my crap out and some of it landed in the livingroom but most got boxed up and sent down to the basement.

My laundry room is looking much better and the laundry piles are becoming manageable and as you see my kitchen isn't a dumping ground for a mountain of dishes and I can actually use my table!

Despite my house being crammed with people and pets and my driveway becoming a halfway house for cars and trailers - LIFE IS GOOD! and I wouldn't change a thing.

My kitchen is looking more like a kitchen and not some dirty dish station.

My livingroom is clean but has become a small storage area for my crafts sine I had to clear out the guestroom.

3 dogs, Maddy on floor, Milo by couch and Melvis is being held by Ruth

Myrna loves having all these animals and loves on 'em whenever they will let her

poor Milo...

Just a quick pic of hubs and me

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