Thursday, December 20, 2007

{My Birthday}

I didn't have a good nights sleep - but still took the kids to school because I wanted to volunteer in Sam's class today. I dropped the kids off at the door and went to look for a parking spot - it took 15-20 min. to find one. When I got into Sam's class I was greeted by a warm greeting of smiling faces singing happy birthday to me and clapping 28 times for me. It was a wonderful surprise.

When we got home - I brought Aaron home same time as Sam because we were going to go to Ikea for the day with my mom and sister. We were supposed to take the max but they were worried about the rain and what not sooooo we drove - mom and sis in her car and me and my family in ours. First off, bad traffic there, horrific traffic back. The visit to Ikea was fun though. I enjoyed seeing it and want to go back when I have more time to look around more thoroughly without the kids. I did pick up 2 rugs and a cute apron & new oven mitts. Before we left Ikea William surprised me with a beautiful flowering plant - "Cyclamen". It was beautiful and really made my day.

When I got home My mom and dad came over to bring me my birthday present. It was beautiful and one of my favorite insects - a lovely dragonfly necklace. About an hour after they left I hear a knock on my door and it was my visit teaching companion - she came bearing flowers and a card from her and her hubby and both started to sing "Happy Birthday to you" It really was a very nice surprise. Silly me, I don't have any vases anymore - kids broke the last one about a year ago. While at Ikea I was going to pick one up because they were so inexpensive and decided against it and ya know what my plastic juice pitcher worked great! lol Not the prettiest thing in the world but it holds water.

Below are some pictures of the flowers and necklace. My day didn't start out so well with little sleep but it ended on a wonderful note. Thank you all who sent their best wishes and everyone who called me today.

The images with the heart shaped blurred background was done by me cutting a circle out of construction paper - I used a cream color, should have found a dark color and taped it to my lens (of course all of these are with my D70 not the point-n-shoot) the circle had a small heart shape cut out of the center. Pretty neat but the lighter color added an odd color cast to my image. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

{Quote of the Day: DAY 16}

as though no one is watching you,
as though you have never been hurt before,
as though no one can hear you,
as though heaven is on earth.
~ Souza

{Thinking Positive: Day 17}


1. I am so humbled by the generosity and love from people I don't even know. Someone at Aaron's school put us on a list to be "adopted" by a family. They brought over gifts and a new tree and decorations too. They also brought over food for Christmas dinner. I knew this christmas wasn't going to be like others that we had done but at least we would be together as a family - their kindness made our christmas a special one for sure.

2. I had been wanting a point-n-shoot camera for some time to just take with me when I am out and about with family so I don't accidently break my "biz" camera. Well when I looked thru the gifts to wrap them there was a new point-n-shoot camera w/ a 1 gig memory card.

3. Because we got a new tree I was able to give my old tree to my sister so she wouldn't have to go without a tree this year.

4. We let the kids open a couple presents because they saw them and couldn't go without opening one. They were so happy and excited - just wait until they see the tree Christmas least I know their christmas will be one to remember.

5. I tried out the new camera and below is a picture taken with the camera on my tripod. I tried it in several modes but found night shot at f/2.8 and 400 ISO (yes I can change the ISO - only from 50 to 400). It's a cute little camera that I can keep in my pocket or purse so that I can ALWAYS have a camera on me!

6. I got to see my mom tonight and chat a bit and I got to see Tanis too and chat with her a bit as well.

7. Finding things to be positive about are getting easier and easier - although the bad stuff is still there it's not the focus of my days.

Monday, December 17, 2007

{quote of the Day: DAY 15}

Life is not measured by
the number of breaths we take,
but by the number of moments
that take our breath away.

Author Unknown

{Thinking Positive: Day 16}


1. I had a great morning - woke up to children screaming and laughing and loud bangs - it didn't bother me too much (which is odd considering I hate to be up in the mornings and loud noises bother me)

2. I talked with one of my home teachers at church and he is going to call to schedule an appointment for a family session this week! YEAH!

3. I got to have a nice dinner with my mom and dad tonight.

4. After dinner I got a father's blessing from my dad - I really needed it.

5. I got to talk to Tanis face to face tonight - which hardly ever happens 'cause she is so busy now a days.

6. I gave Tanis my old "fake" tree because a nice family brought us a new one tonight and why do we need two trees?

7. While at Tanis's she got a call from Trent and I got to talk to him for a few. It was nice to hear his voice.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

{Thinking Positive: Day 15}


1. Got the house clean - completely!

2. The boys room is now organized and presentable!

3. I got to watch "The One" with my hubby - interesting movie

4. I am getting Laundry done - still trying to catch up from when I was sick - amazing how it piles up when you have 5 people who go thru

5. The kids were pretty good and got to stay up really late - like 9pm - that's a first for them. they were so goood I wasn't paying attention to the time.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

{Quote of the Day: DAY 14}

every STORY has an END,
but in LIFE every
END is just a new BEGINNING.

Author Unknown

{Ornaments on the Tree}

Here are some pictures of the different ornaments on the tree. The stained glass ones (a present, candy cane, wreath, tree and angel) were colored using stained glass paint - each one of us decorated one for the tree this year as our family ornament project. The picture ornaments were created using photoshop but most of the round ones were colored by the kids and pictures added later last year. Aaron drew the drawn ones this year - they are ben 10 alien ornaments. We lamanated them and hung them. Such fun. We had a blast decorating the tree - we decided because the kids had pulled ornaments off we would just redo it tonight. The kids had fun but scattered when I pulled out my camera - only got one shot of Ruth.


{Quote of the Day: DAY 13}

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart."
- Helen Keller

{Thinking Positive: Day 14}


1. I got to spend some time this morning with my Aunt Jeanie.

2. Oreo, my mom's cat, climbed up on me and snuggled with me to help keep me warm during this very coooold morning while visiting Aunt Jeanie.

3. William got to finally go to a D&D game - first one in a month - which made him happy as a clam - which in turn made me happy and the kids too.

4. I got to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" w/ Jimmy Stewart on TV tonight after my show Ghost Whisper.

5. All the kids are in bed and I am working on some collages for my friend's calendar. I am enjoying the creativity of it.

6. Did a logo sample for a potential "logos by arya" client...fingers crossed that she likes it, I know I do but I am easy to

7. Just snuggled up at the puter waiting for hubby to come home...I have moment to flip thru my new rangefinder magazine that came in today's mail...I put up the poster that came with it of the new Nikon D3...That's the camera I want, but for $5,000 just for the body I am going to have to wait...Heck I would be happy with the D200 but that is still $2,000 for just the body...wishful thinking! lol

Friday, December 14, 2007

{Quote of the Day: DAY 12}

What lies behind us
and what lies before us
are small matters
compared to
what lies
within us!

Ralph Waldo Emerson

{Thinking Positive: Day 13}


1. Went to airport with my mom and got a good giggle when she tried to get into the airport thru the glass instead of the opening...I know not really funny but it was a good giggle for me.

2. Got to see the happy look on my aunt Jeanie's face when she saw my mom and called out "Hello Sister!"

3. Picked up a gift for William - Thanks Mom!

4. I took a nice long relaxing shower without kids banging on the door - it was like I was kid-less...

5. Had a nice conversation with my mom tonight while we waited for Jean's plane to come in.

6. William watched all the kids while I went to go with mom to pick up Jeanie at the airport. Which was over an hour late due to weather - poor guy was asleep when I got home. I love him sooo much!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

{Quote of the Day: DAY 11}

Cats are smarter then dogs. You can't get eight cats to pull a led through the snow.
Jeff Valdez

{Thinking Positive: Day 12}


1. I found my D70 manual - no more looking online if I forget how to do something on my camera!! YEAH!

2. I got a game table for William's miniatures!

3. The kids, William and I pulled out my stain-glass paint and decorated some really cute clear glass ornaments for our tree.

4. I wasn't feeling well this morning and hubby let me sleep in really late!

5. I realized I need more pictures up on my walls - too much white staring back at

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

{Thinking Positive: Day 11}


1. relaxed with family
2. rented The Bourne Ultimatum - fast pace movie
3. got organized
4. got stuff out in the mail
5. turned the lights on the tree and found out they don't get hot - it was a pleasant surprise!

{Quote of the Day: DAY 10}

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.
--Dr. Suess

{Lunch Today}

I got a lot of stuff done this morning before the kids went off to school. Amazing considering Sam was screaming that he didn't want to go to school today - for 30 minuets and I had to drag him down to the bus stop kicking and screaming - I felt bad for the bus driver because he had Sam sit behind him and he got louder when I dragged him onto the bus too...I am such a bad mom!

But when Sam got home he was all smiles and happy - so I know he had a good time at school - seriously this morning you would have thought he was going to die or something at school the way he was carrying on this morning. Oh well, this has only happened once this whole year so that's a plus right?

I got some stuff mailed out and the electrician came and fixed our outlets that were not working and got dishes done and everything else too...Now to work on the laundry - I hate laundry but it needs to be done...ugh

For lunch I make shapes for the pb&j sandwiches that I make for the kids. Today it was flowers and feet - Makes Ruth eat a bit more because she doesn't really eat much and also helps Sam to stay at the table to finish. Below are some pictures of their Lunch. Enjoy!

Monday, December 10, 2007

{Thinking Positive: Day 10}


1. Went to Deseret Industries today and picked up a dresser that we desperately needed for the boys.

2. Got 3 table lamps there too and they were really inexpensive!

3. I enjoyed wandering around the thrift store with Ruth - she kept grabbing stuff and saying it was

4. Organized my "office" space - well sort of - still have more to do but at least it's mostly done.

5. The property manager finally is sending an electrician to find out what is up with the outlets not working - he will be here tomorrow! - it only took saying I was going to get a lawyer involved - buy hey, if it gets the work done...

6. All the kids are in bed! I still have cleaning to do but can do it in peace!

{Quote of the Day: DAY 9}

Today I decided I loved this poem and it needed to be posted so no quote of the day - but this poem is too good not to post! Enjoy!

The Promise

Across the years I will walk with you
in deep green forests, on the shores of sand,
and when our time on earth is through,
in heaven, too, you will have my hand.

Author Unknown

Sunday, December 9, 2007

{Thinking Positive: Day 9}


1. Finished up editing my session and got it onto a disc.

2. Was able to get to my mom's to print some stuff off for my client and got my stuff all prettied up.

3. Client was happy with her CD! Yeah! and she loved the packaging - see it does count to have pretty packaging!

4. Home Teachers came over and I gave them their present from us - just one of my cityscapes that they took an interest in.

5. Finished up my "photoshop" made ornaments and got them all laminated and up on the tree.

6. Aaron drew and colored some pictures as ornaments to be laminated and hung on the tree - they are really neat!

7. I had a good day today - Not a single thing to complain about - not even when I came back home from running errands and found fruity pebbles all over the floors of the apartment got me down - I just pulled out the vacuum and got it all cleaned up!


{Quote of the Day: DAY 8}

There are two kinds of worries -- those you can do something about and those you can't. Don't spend any time on the latter.
-- Duke Ellington

{Quote of the Day: DAY 7}

If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade.
--Tom Peters

{Thinking Positive: Day 8}


1. I got to do a session for a great family today.

2. We went to the in-laws for a birthday party - the kids got lots of energy out and William came with me.

3. On our way home we stopped at a nice restaurant to have some dinner - it was nice family time and it wasn't expensive or fast food - which is always nice.

4. I have all my christmas stuff done - now to just wrap it.

5. I got my box from Lane Bryant today!! I was super happy and the less then $2 bag is perfect as a new diaper bag and yet looks stylish! made my day!

Friday, December 7, 2007

{Thinking Positive: Day 7}


1. I have some free time to get some holiday ornaments done in photoshop.

2. I got to see my sister today and talk with her about what's been going on lately. It's always nice to talk to a real live person about this stuff.

3. I have a photo session tomorrow.

4. We are going to my in-laws for a birthday party - kids are excited about it - me not so much because it's such a loooong drive.

5. is glad the week is over with right now.

6. Robbie gave me a hug tonight.

{Quote of the Day: DAY 6}

When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened.
--John M. Richardson, Jr.

{TO: All my Photographer Friends}

I am having a sale on my templates to help raise money for when my husband has brain surgery on the 28th of January and we will have to spend 10-12 days in a hotel room because he needs to stay close to the hospital after his surgery and the hospital he is going to be at is 3 hours from our home.

So NOW thru Jan 10th, 2008. I am selling my template collection for $35 - regularly $50. I take payments via (

Once payment has been made I will MAIL you a CD w/the template collection *shown below - all fonts used in the templates - and several tutorials on how to use the templates *fully illustrated. So when paying with paypal please include your address as well as email address so that I can let you know it's been shipped.

{Thinking Positive: Day 6}


1. We got the call that said "YES, your husband is getting the surgery!" - no more of that crap around the tree talk - it was giving me a headache!

2. When I went to the UPS store I was greeted so nicely by the gals behind the counter - they know me from all my photo packages sent off to clients last month.

3. I got to talk with my mom today - in person.

4. My mom's cat Oreo made me laugh the whole time I was there - he is a hoot to watch for sure.

5. They had the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie at blockbuster so I rented it - I got the last copy! whoo-hoo!

6. The kids loved being able to watch the first disc of the first season of Ben 10! It really made their day! (Thanks again Brittany for the subscription to netflix!)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

{My Day So Far}

I have been super tired since waking up this morning. I got the kids up and dressed - kept Sam home from school because we had an appointment with the head guy at the VA Service Officer place - had we known he was going to be 45 minuets late we could have let Sam go to his class today! He made some promises and I don't have my hopes up that anything will get done - been lied to one too many times to believe anyone that says they are here to help us. We got home and watched a movie - Nannie Diaries - cute movie. I am sooo ready for a nap - my migraine is at about a pain level 8/9 on a scale of 1 to 10 - 10 being the worst. It started when we had both Ruth and Sam at the appointment and trying to keep them under control and stuff when they are hungry and tired - what a nightmare!

Now my husband is complaining about helping Sam learn to wipe his butt and saying that if the surgery gets F'ed up I will be wiping his butt for the rest of his life. My migraine is getting worse as I type.

Soon it will be time to pick up Aaron - then we can watch Ben 10 cartoons! YEAH! Thank you Brittany for the Netflix subscription!! It rocks and they were super fast!

Anywho, going to take some Advil - it doesn't really help but takes my pain number down by 1 or 2 - at this point any relief is appreciated.

{Quote of the Day: DAY 5}

Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can play weird--that's easy. What's hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple complicated is commonplace--making the complicated simple, awesomely simple--that's creativity.
--Charles Mingus

{Thinking Positive: Day 5}


1. I got to spend some quality time helping out in Sam's preschool class - I got to help him create a gingerbread man and I also helped other kids do their stuff too but I blast helping Sam! His teacher said it was the happiest she has seen him all year! I am going to have to do it more often!!

2. I got ahold of almost everyone today that I was supposed to regarding the VA and Military crap - still a few more to go but I got thru the majority of my list so I am happy about that!

3. I got to watch "Waitress" very cute movie - on the different side but still fun to watch.

4. I got to enjoy LIFE with my hubby - it's becoming one of our favorite TV series!

5. I am grateful that we didn't get flooded out here and that our power stayed on during the storm.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

{Quote of the Day: DAY 4}

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
--Albert Einstein


I am going to be volunteering in Sam's class today. He doesn't know yet and will probably be surprised to see me walk into his should be fun. I am not going in until about 9:00 am so I still have some time before I have to be there.

Well I better go - kids are about to leave for the bus.

{Thinking Positive: Day 4}


1. Spent the day enjoying my family.

2. Got to shop for groceries this morning without all the kids - it was just Ruth, William and I - she was a pill but much easier to handle then 3 pills.

3. Reworked a cell phone image that Robbie took of Trent while we were visiting him in prison - this is a no-no but Robbie wanted a new picture of trent for his new phone.

4. I got to have a LONG talk with my dear friend Carla today!! Usually we are always missing each other when we was sooo nice to hear her voice.

5. My friend Jason, is a brain surgeon! I am going to chat him up - maybe talk him into doing William's surgery - just kidding - although that would be cool, plus I would know he didn't have an alterer motive.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

{Quote of the Day: DAY 3}

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead.
Just walk beside me and be my friend.

--Albert Camus

{Thinking Positive: Day 3}


1. William came home today!

2. William got a difinitive diagnosis and what the treatment should be...whose going to do the treatment is still up in the air...

3. I got to watch Hero's and Life with my hubby next to me and not on the other end of the phone!! YEAH!

4. Dinner was good and we have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

5. Kids are all in bed and go back to school tomorrow!! YEAH!

Monday, December 3, 2007

{He's Coming Home Today!!}

Yeah!! William called me about 2 hours ago to tell me he's on his way home!! The house is nice and clean - I still have laundry to do but that's another Kids are driving me nuts since they found out daddy is coming home they are acting like they are on crack or something....

I know they are excited but really I need for them to not tear up the house after I just spent an hour cleaning it up! They are relegated to their room until he's home. I am excited!! I can't wait for him to be home!

Well I am going to go relax a bit so I am not wound so tight. Talk to ya'll later!

{Quote of the Day: DAY 2}

"Never knock on Death's door: ring the bell and run away! Death really hates that!"
~ Matt Frewer as Dr. Mike Stratford in "Doctor, Doctor"

Sunday, December 2, 2007

{Thinking Positive: Day 2}

Day Two

1. Ruth didn't take her diaper off once today.

2. I remembered to put the clothes in the dryer - I tend to forget and have to re-wash them.

3. We went to church - kids were actually pretty well behaved for them and it was sooo nice to have a 2 hour break while the kids were in their primary classes. While at church I got a blessing from the bishop - I really needed one - this week has been a living nightmare at times.

4. Aaron went to bed without a fight and so did Sam - first for Sam EVER...

5. I got to watch Desperate Housewives without hearing William call it Desperate Whorewives - It's my night time soap opera and tonights episoide had a tornado of a finish...I gasped and started crying at the end of this episoide - lame I know but I have watched it from the begining and sink myself into their world for an hour a week. Even if I miss it I can watch it online at I watch Ugly Betty online too cause William likes to watch Smallville instead and I want to watch it with him - I don't have Tivo but I do have my abc night time shows online - YEAH!! (I am so lame!)

{Quote of the Day: DAY 1}

I am going to start doing a quote of the day...I find I have so many that I love and look at on a regular basis and I want to share them. I found the idea of a quote of the day from one of my favorite BLOGS . She actually had this quote up which is one of my favorites. So it's going to be the very first quote for this section of blogs I am going to be doing per day.

"The greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions and not our circumstances."

Martha Washington

{Screams and Yells}

I was awaken by screams and yelling coming from the livingroom and stomping up and down the hall as the kids were playing zombie - going round and round thru the livingroom down the hall and into the kitchen and then the livingroom again. I can only imaging how long that had been going on and I wonder if my downstairs neighbors were happy with all that ruckus...probably not.

Needless to say I wasn't happy and made them stop - they woke me waaaay before the alarm was to go off at 7am. Oh well. I got breakfast made for them and started some laundry. Scolded them for turning on the lights to the christmas tree and told them I was going to take it down if they kept messing with it. Maybe next year I won't pull it out until the 15th of December or later so I don't have to keep fighting with them to LEAVE the DAMN thing ALONE!

I think William might still be sleeping he hasn't called yet, or he's watching something good on the sci-fi channel in his hotel room. Either way I am sure he is having a nice quiet morning. (lucky bastard... :) just kidding - he had no choice in going to ft. lewis for this long week)

I wonder what I will fix for dinner - gosh that is a ways away...ugh it's going to be another looooong day of whinning and crying, screams and yells and of course more fighting....Gotta go Ruth is whinning for my attention...I think they all miss thier dad and are just taking it out on me and eachother.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

{Thinking Positive: Day 1}

I am going to start writing down at the end of my day at least FIVE postive things that happened during the course of the day because as my mom pointed out the bad stuff is taking over - although I will vent because I need to otherwise as my friend Jasong said I will end up killing someone if I don't - he's a doctor so I will take his advice...haha

So for this WHOLE month of December you will see a list at the end of my day, each and every day.


1. Aaron went to bed without getting upset, which was a first this whole week.

2. I got my picture mattes and the frame guy gave me some acid free tape for free - it was the same tape they use but don't carry in the store when they mount pictures to mattes.

3. William called me and we had a nice conversation that didn't involve military stuff.

4. I got to watch Polterguist: Legacy - it's an old TV series that I used to love watching and didn't know they were doing re-runs. The kids even watched it with me and liked that it had monsters and ghouls.

5. I uploaded some more pictures to my myspace gallery under "Pictures/Drawings Not my own - but cool" album. I find my fun images from Art Jumble I love all the neat images they do for the weekly themes and I love surfing the artist links to their own blogs. They have some neat stuff.

Ok so that is my list for today. Now to finish washing church clothes and finish up my client's CD's for delivery on Monday, hopefully William will be home Monday Afternoon...fingers are crossed!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

{Kids all off}

I just got the boys off to school and Ruth is eating her breakfast and here I sit in front of the computer contemplating what chores I am going to do this morning before Sam comes home from preschool. I have laundry that needs washed & folded, dishes that need washed and dried, floors that need swept and vacumed and a bedroom that needs attention, not to mention a bathroom and little boys room that both need a cleaning as well. Gosh I have alot of stuff to do! Haha, not really but it sure looks like it when I list it all out huh.

William is up at Ft. Lewis doing his medical board stuff, he's going to be gone all week. I watched Heros without him last night and it wasn't as much fun without him next to me. I can never sleep when he's not home, but I do get alot of stuff done while he's gone. At least as much as I can get done with a little girl attached to my hip. When William is gone the kids become clingy especially Ruth.

It got super cold last night, rained here but they got snow in the gorge starting at Multnomah Falls and making it's way down I-84 and other highways that are remote. I really wish it would stay above 50 degrees but I know thats not really going to happen - mid 30's is what is predicted for this whole week for the nights and early 40's for the days - cloud cover, no sun and early darkness are all kinda depressing. Bring me back the fall, it was cold but nothing like this. Brrrrrrrr it's cold. I need to get some more space heaters - at least 3 more. Our apartment only has wall heaters and they are not efficient and cost alot in electric to use at all. With Space heaters during the winter I am saving about $60 every month - and this way I can have my furniture where I want it and not be forced to put it somewhere else because of where baseboard heaters are located. I can't wait until we can move from this apartment.

Well I had better get to cleaning - I only have 2 hours until Sam is back home. I think today we will make some ornaments for the tree...if not today definatly tomorrow.

Monday, November 26, 2007

{Getting Ready for Christmas}

I pulled out our "fake" tree and set it all up and some table decorations out. The kids thought the lights were sooo pretty. The kids really didn't cooperate much but they rarely do anymore when I pull out my camera. I hope you enjoy!

{ME and MY LIFE}

Alot has been going on and I mostly post on my myspace blog but wanted something with more spitfire so here I am on Blogger...

The above picture is of my family taken by my mom in October of this year.

I am the mom of three beautiful children: Aaron is 6 and in the first grade. Sam is 4 and in preschool. Ruth is almost 2 and stays home with me while the others are at school. I am married to the most wonderful guy in the world - at least mine anyways. He completes me - corney I know but sooo true. We have been married for 7 years in March it will be 8. We found out he has a brain aneurysm. All we have been told is it's a ticking time bomb waiting to explode and he won't stroke out but when it bursts he will just die. Scary stuff. It would be nice if we got more information but the VA and military who are treating him since he returned from Iraq in 2003 have been less then forthcoming with any information - except to tell us he needs to relax and be calm and not get overly excited and keep his blood pressure under control and cholesterol...

The holiday's are a struggle for me as it was a time to spend with my grandparents and they are both gone now. My grandmother lost her battle with cancer last December and my grandpa couldn't live without her and chose to leave this world the end of September this year. I was really close to both and miss them terribly. I am so greatful I have lots of pictures of them to share with my children so they can get to know them as well - even if it's thru pictures.

I am a photographer with a budding business. Right now it's kinda on the back burner as I try to deal with all the military hoopla and VA crapola. Lots of paperwork and nagging. Both of which I am very good at - or at least I am now. Haha.

Well thats whats going on in my world and quick snap of my little world. Stay tuned for more to come. I am going to try to write here at least once a day and to post images of family stuff and so on.
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