Tuesday, November 27, 2007

{Kids all off}

I just got the boys off to school and Ruth is eating her breakfast and here I sit in front of the computer contemplating what chores I am going to do this morning before Sam comes home from preschool. I have laundry that needs washed & folded, dishes that need washed and dried, floors that need swept and vacumed and a bedroom that needs attention, not to mention a bathroom and little boys room that both need a cleaning as well. Gosh I have alot of stuff to do! Haha, not really but it sure looks like it when I list it all out huh.

William is up at Ft. Lewis doing his medical board stuff, he's going to be gone all week. I watched Heros without him last night and it wasn't as much fun without him next to me. I can never sleep when he's not home, but I do get alot of stuff done while he's gone. At least as much as I can get done with a little girl attached to my hip. When William is gone the kids become clingy especially Ruth.

It got super cold last night, rained here but they got snow in the gorge starting at Multnomah Falls and making it's way down I-84 and other highways that are remote. I really wish it would stay above 50 degrees but I know thats not really going to happen - mid 30's is what is predicted for this whole week for the nights and early 40's for the days - cloud cover, no sun and early darkness are all kinda depressing. Bring me back the fall, it was cold but nothing like this. Brrrrrrrr it's cold. I need to get some more space heaters - at least 3 more. Our apartment only has wall heaters and they are not efficient and cost alot in electric to use at all. With Space heaters during the winter I am saving about $60 every month - and this way I can have my furniture where I want it and not be forced to put it somewhere else because of where baseboard heaters are located. I can't wait until we can move from this apartment.

Well I had better get to cleaning - I only have 2 hours until Sam is back home. I think today we will make some ornaments for the tree...if not today definatly tomorrow.

Monday, November 26, 2007

{Getting Ready for Christmas}

I pulled out our "fake" tree and set it all up and some table decorations out. The kids thought the lights were sooo pretty. The kids really didn't cooperate much but they rarely do anymore when I pull out my camera. I hope you enjoy!

{ME and MY LIFE}

Alot has been going on and I mostly post on my myspace blog but wanted something with more spitfire so here I am on Blogger...

The above picture is of my family taken by my mom in October of this year.

I am the mom of three beautiful children: Aaron is 6 and in the first grade. Sam is 4 and in preschool. Ruth is almost 2 and stays home with me while the others are at school. I am married to the most wonderful guy in the world - at least mine anyways. He completes me - corney I know but sooo true. We have been married for 7 years in March it will be 8. We found out he has a brain aneurysm. All we have been told is it's a ticking time bomb waiting to explode and he won't stroke out but when it bursts he will just die. Scary stuff. It would be nice if we got more information but the VA and military who are treating him since he returned from Iraq in 2003 have been less then forthcoming with any information - except to tell us he needs to relax and be calm and not get overly excited and keep his blood pressure under control and cholesterol...

The holiday's are a struggle for me as it was a time to spend with my grandparents and they are both gone now. My grandmother lost her battle with cancer last December and my grandpa couldn't live without her and chose to leave this world the end of September this year. I was really close to both and miss them terribly. I am so greatful I have lots of pictures of them to share with my children so they can get to know them as well - even if it's thru pictures.

I am a photographer with a budding business. Right now it's kinda on the back burner as I try to deal with all the military hoopla and VA crapola. Lots of paperwork and nagging. Both of which I am very good at - or at least I am now. Haha.

Well thats whats going on in my world and quick snap of my little world. Stay tuned for more to come. I am going to try to write here at least once a day and to post images of family stuff and so on.
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