Wednesday, May 30, 2012


new job....
credit - mind you I am all alone when I go to work but this is what I do
I got a part time job washing, drying and folding towels and hotel linens at a local hotel. I work early (and I do mean early) in the morning until about 8 am. Which is perfect for me because I can work while the kids sleep and I actually get sleep too and I am back within an hour of them waking up so they don't even realize I am gone most mornings. Plus I get to earn extra money to help with renovation costs of the attic which means we will get to do it sooner then later!

a facelift needed...

I purchased this at a second hand store for less then $15 
I added some new knobs and spray painted it my fav color
I finally took that ratty old buffet that I got from the second hand store for less then $15 last year and scraped off the peeling veneer, sanded it a bit and then roughly spray painted it. I added 2 vintage knobs (they were picked up from a vintage store). I have another two knobs for it that match but I need longer screws so the old knobs will have to do for now.

 The paint job isn't the greatest but I like that it has a "shabby chic" look to it because you can see some of the dents and dings and life lived by this piece. I just gave it a bit of a facelift.

moving on up...

My babe is growing up and moving to the 1st grade!

the girls and daddy!
Today my oldest daughter graduated kindergarden!! I am feeling old! I am so proud of her and after summer break she will be a first grader!! She was so excited her mom and dad could see her get her diploma!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

{Life Captured}

Life has been insanely crazy the past few weeks. But below are a few images taken with my camera phone of my daily life.

I found this little music jewelry box at a second hand store for one buck. I got it to help keep Ruth out of mine and it seems to be working so far. the bottom drawer pulls out and the top pops up. It's lined with a lovely red velvet and when the bottom drawer is pulled out it plays a lovely little melody.

I spray painted it with leftover robin egg blue from when I painted Myrna's high chair. Ruth loves it!

For Mother's day I just took it easy and told hubby I didn't need any flowers or anything, I just wanted to relax. Imagine my surprise when the fedex man brought these lovelies to my door from my parents!! They sent me my favorite flowers of purple iris's and soft pink tulips!

I did take a quick picture of myself in the little full length mirror I picked up at walmart. I love old navy online because they actually have a nice selection of plus size clothing and it's stylish and not old lady like some stores go when it comes to plus size clothing!

What I wore:
Teal Cardigan: Old Navy
Grey Tank top: Thrifted
Navy stripe skirt: Old Navy

Myrna loves being silly and the image below shows her being just that with a little cardboard easter basket on her head...she's just too funny for words and I just adore her so much. She really does make me laugh. And yep, that's  a doctor who onsie, I made it with printable iron on transfer paper.

Monday, May 14, 2012

{I gotta photograph TWINS!!!}

I got to photograph my very first set of twins on Saturday!! I had the most fun doing it and I really enjoyed photographing this beautiful family and their adorable little babies.

This lovely family is related to one of my dear friends and I am so glad she asked me to photograph this little family. It really was a dream location (stunning back yard) and lots of wonderful light and open shade available. It was the PERFECT day!!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

{Birthday Lunch}

I took my dad out for his birthday lunch along with my step mom at one of my dad's favorite places to go "The Golden Corral". It was fun and so nice to spend some time with them both that didn't involve grandkids jumping all over the place. I had fun and I really hope they did too.

I can't believe my dad is 50 now! Gosh he's OLD! (not really but come ON!! He's 50!)

Oh I forgot to mention the day of his birthday, I made him an ice cream cake along with some yummy spaghetti and we played games all day!

Happy Birthday OLD MAN!!

playing Talisman - grown ups only!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

{Just Me and what I'm Wearing}

So I keep seeing all these blogs have a "what I wore" post at least once a week so I am going to try and do this too - at least once a week.

I just had hubby take the full length images with my camera phone and the shoe shots were done by my oldest son. I realized when I uploaded these images that I really need to get out in the sun more often. My legs are soooo WHITE!

This dress is so comfortable and the belt works great with it!

I feel pretty in this dress!
super cute brown suede leather wedges that I got for less then $5

Dress : Target
Belt : Lane Bryant
Flower pin : To Sew with Love (won in a giveaway)
Shoes : Found at a Thrift store

Of course after I got hubs and son to take the pictures above I took the phone and snapped a few of myself and of course Myrna wanted one with me too!

Toby is behind me!

That's Sam in the background

I like how the grass looks like a painting 

Me and Myrna!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

{Self Worth}

I don't know about you but I have been feeling un-attractive and very un-beautified. I had a realization yesterday as I was shopping and thrifting that I am letting my own feelings of non-worth and un-attractiveness to effect every aspect of my life - including my relationship with my husband.

My low self esteem and poor body image are contributing to my overall depression and making intimate moments very uncomfortable for me.

I realized this while I was doing my "Mother's Day" clothes shopping (hubs gift to me) and while trying on the clothes I started to feel like my old self and realized too that I am not taking the time to pamper and keep up on my appearance like I used to and because I have fallen into a rut I needed to shake things up and start pampering/taking time for me.

Got my hair did and makeup on

Taking time and energy for myself isn't selfish (although I do feel guilty about it). I know that if I take the time to take care of me I can better take care of every aspect of my life including my family and more importantly my husband.

I bought clothes that made me feel pretty and attractive and while shopping for diapers I picked up a little bit of makeup (mascara, eye shadow and a touch of blush) and while thrifting I found some cute shoes that were comfy and curlers so I could do more with my hair then just pull it into a pony tail.

the dress I got from Lane Bryant along with the shrug and pink cami

this dress makes me feel pretty

I need to start pulling myself out of this rut and I think I have made a huge first step in fixing my self worth and the image of who I am now. I need to start being happy with ME and once I start to like myself again I know I will be able to change things that I don't like instead of letting it get me down.

But first I need to start liking who I am and what I look like and know that my husband loves me and is still attracted to me.
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