Thursday, January 31, 2008

{Today's Update}

When I went to go see William today he looked great and I thought for sure he would be able to get out of there - I know he was going stir crazy in there with out me there 24/7. But about 30 min after getting his pain medication he started throwing up bad and he's not supposed to do that - it causes pressure on his brain and that's not good. They gave him some nausea medication and then took him to get a CAT scan and the way there and the way back he dry heaved (which is worse then actually throwing up and puts more pressure on the brain). Why they just didn't take his whole bed there and back is beyond me, instead they had him get up and sit in a wheel chair (the pain in his head triggered his nausea and it was worse when he was upright). I just felt so bad for him. I know he was in a lot of pain. When he got back they put him on an IV because they think he was dehydrated (I knew he was because when I was there he didn't drink much and I thought it odd they took him off the IV less then 24 hours after his surgery and I am not a doctor or nurse). Anyways he was finally sleeping when I left - some much needed sleep.

I don't like the care he is receiving on the floor he's on. When in ICU if he pushed a button for a nurse there was one right there, and if he didn't he got checked on 2 times an hour. Now if he pushes a button he only gets a nurse right away (meaning 10 or more minuets) if he says he's in pain. Today it took several calls over a 2 hours period to get a nurse to fix his compression thing on his leg (it wasn't working) and the nurse only came because he said his head hurt. I do know that if he were in a civilian hospital he would be better taken care of by his nurses and I would be kept in the loop about what was going on. I just called not to long ago to see how he was doing and they "didn't know". Seriously, what kind of nurses station doesn't know what's happening to a patient on their floor? I am getting annoyed with the lack of care with his nursing staff - I don't expect to see his doctor there 24/7 but I do expect nurses to come when called - what if he was dying, if he didn't mention it they would wait until they got around to it.

Sorry about the rant but it's driving me crazy that I can't see him more and I know he's not being taken care of properly - it's always excuses with them and I hate excuses - just take responsibility and make it better! I also know I am tired of the kids whining and not listening to me, I know it's because they are in a strange place being bounced from place to place and miss seeing me and their dad and I am sure their feeling my own anxiety about not being near my hubby.

I hope everyone else is doing well this week. Don't forget LOST is coming on tonight and it's the season premier - which is a two parter (tonight and tomorrow night). I got a call from William - he's watching SMALLVILLE - it's a new one tonight and he thought he would miss it. He said he is feeling better and hopes to be home tomorrow (well our hotel room).

I will keep ya'll updated on his progress and my own mental sanity. As a side note one of my good photographer friends is going to watch the kids for me tomorrow. She lives in Renton. I can't wait to meet her (her and my daughter share the same first name!!).

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


We moved out of the hotel and into a place on base - it's bigger and nicer then the hotel we were staying in, which is nice. I had the kids until about 1pm and then took them to Another Erin's home. She was such a sweetheart.

When I got in to see William, his eye was swollen shut and every time he moved he would get nauseous. The physical therapist came in and tried to get him to walk but it ended in him not getting off the bed and throwing up. He won't be getting out of bed until tomorrow. So if you can guess he is still at the hospital - which is good for him because the longer he's there the less likely he will have something go wrong when he finally does get out. As a side note he didn't have his bandage on his head and his incision looks great - he is going to have a cool scar for sure (which is what he wanted).

When I went to go pick up the kids they were kinda crazy and Aaron especially started throwing a huge fit after breaking a toy and just had a complete melt down on me! This is why I was hoping to be here alone tending to William without screaming, temper-tantrum throwing, screaming, not listening to a word I say - KIDS. This trip has defiantly sealed my MIL at the top of my BAD list. She won't be coming to our home anytime soon that's for darn sure!

I did get ahold of one more person to watch the kids tomorrow while I go and see if William will be released or not. I would love to see him more but I can't really take the kids to the hospital because they just can't seem to behave well.

Anywho, we need to go get some dinner. Ruth just woke up. I will keep everyone updated on the progress.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

{Another Update}

Well all that snow we had yesterday morning was gone totally this morning. William is doing good but now is sporting one black eye on the side they did his surgery. (the doc said it would be black & blue and probably his whole face so I was glad to see it wasn't too bad) By the end of the day they had moved William out of the ICU and up to the 7th floor in a room with a great view - we watched the fog roll in and big flakes of snow flurry down to the almost non-visible parking lot. Soon though William was asleep (he slept most of the time I was there) I wasn't upset about it and actually had to tell him to not stay awake just because I was there. He is in such great spirits. He's wire-free, no tubes or whatnot hanging off him - he said his back and leg and arm don't feel as weak as they did before, not sure if it was the pain meds or if it's because of the aneurysm being clipped. We will find out once they get him up and moving around.

The kids had fun at Kim's house and then again at Erin's house. While at the hospital I met William's advocate and when he found out we were in Tacoma and not on base he got us into a place that has a bigger room (a sleeping room and a living space too) at the Fisher house. This will be a great asset when William is out of the hospital. They are talking about letting him out tomorrow but I am hoping they keep him in until at least Thursday because I think he needs the extra day of recoup time before dealing with the rowdy

I want to say Thank you to everyone who has sent well wishes our way...I know it's all those good vibes that really helped him pull thru the surgery and kept me sane. Thank you bunches!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

{It all went GREAT!!}

The doctor was really happy about how the surgery went, everything went better then expected and the surgery is all done. I believe the lord was helping to guide the surgeons skilled hands. (thank you all for your wonderful prayers and good wishes our way!!)

I got to see William for a bit. He looked great and was giving the nurses hell, he was all hopped up on drugs, some of the things he said were just too funny. He was in good sorts. He had a huge bandage on his head and if all goes well he should be out of the hospital by Wednesday. The longest part of today was waiting - we got there at 10am and he didn't get back into the room until about 11:30/noon and then they didn't actually start the surgery until about 1pm. He was out of surgery about 6:45/7pm.

I will keep you updated as I know more - I am sooo tired and ready for bed, going to see William in the morning! Thank you all for your good thoughts and all your prayers!!

{Surgery Today}

Today is the day of the surgery. We are just getting ready to take the kids to Claira's. I woke up to snow covered ground, knowing there is ice underneath. I am going to have to drive very carefully today. I also talked to my mom, she is bringing up a tv with connections for the red,yellow & white cables that come with our dvd player and wii. The tv in the hotel room is very old and not compatible with our stuff. I will take a few pictures before we leave of the snow out our window and then I will work them over tonight if I have time and post them.

I will keep you all posted. Thank you all for your wonderful support during this time. It's been a very stressful time to say the least. BIG HUGS to you all!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

{We're here}

We are here in the hotel, trying to relax before William's surgery tomorrow. The kids were driving us crazy because they had lots of pent up energy from the very long drive. They will have a better day tomorrow because they will be able to play and have fun at Claira's (a great sister in the ward out here that offered to watch the kids while William has his surgery!). Over the phone she was such a sweetheart.

We went and had dinner at my Aunt & Uncle's. We had a great time and William got a blessing - he didn't care if he got one but he did it for me.

My mom should be here tomorrow if the roads are clear & good to be with me during William's surgery. I am glad because I thought I was going to be there all alone in the waiting room.

I will keep you all updated....I love that the hotel has internet - I brought my apple with me. It's great that my computer is easy to move around - it's just a monitor, keyboard & mouse and doesn't take up much room.

Anywho, Off to bed I go we got to get up early...Night all!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

{Getting Ready}

Tomorrow we leave for Washington. William's surgery will be on Monday at 11 am. I am almost all the way ready still have a few things to get done but they can wait until tomorrow morning - well they have to wait until tomorrow.

My Aunt Mary and Uncle Mike are AWESOME!! Mary gave me the name of the Relief society president and I got ahold of her and she got some wonderful ladies together for me to watch the kids during William's hospital stay. A huge load off my mind for sure. I had reserved a hotel in Lakewood and found out they didn't have a room on the lower floor and no elevator so I canceled that reservation. Canceled the reservation at the Military Hotel because they couldn't guarantee the room we needed now that we had the kids with us. BUT I did find a great hotel in Tacoma that is only about 7-15 min from Ft. Lewis (depending on traffic) for 1/2 of what they wanted at the first hotel I reserved!! It's still a lot for a hotel room I am only going to be using mostly for sleeping the first 3 But if we have to go into more debt at least this is a good reason to.

Guess what! I got the wedding job in July!! I am super excited!! If I need to, I do have a sitter in Albany already from when I lived there before for the kids - that's where the wedding is going to be! How exciting!

You know what I found out from this whole experience - The kindness of strangers during this ordeal has shown me how much God loves us. William said "Even strangers want to help us - what's wrong with my Mom that she can't help us?" Do you know she text-ed him on his cell phone to call her this morning! how lame - he called her because he is such a nice person but told her he didn't want to see her and they would have to see where things would be after his surgery.

I want to say Thank you to all of you who have been so kind and wonderful to me and my family during this time - and all the other crazy times in my life too. You all are what keep me going thru this and help keep my sanity in place (with momentary lapses of insanity!). God does work in mysterious ways and has shown me his love thru all of your kindness. Thank you all!!

I am going to be leaving tomorrow and won't be back until the night of the 7th. Our room will have wireless internet so I am taking my apple with me so I can hop online and update you all. I am also taking William's laptop so we can watch netflix movies online!! lol (my apple isn't compatible with that just yet - the end of the year it should be though!)

BIG HUGS!! keep us in your thoughts and prayers - believe me we can use all the help we can get!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

{More Information}

Well, we had William's pre-op appointment yesterday and it went waaay longer then we expected and we didn't get a time for his surgery, we just got the day and know that it will be in the afternoon sometime. Ya know if it were a civilian hospital we would know the time of the surgery and how long it will but that's ok. We did find out that the surgery is going to be more difficult then they originally thought and there are more things that can go wrong on top of death, stroke, coma, severe brain damage and being a vegetable there now includes blindness, seizures for the rest of his life and paralysis of one side of his body. Lovely huh?

I went in to apologize in person today at the kids school and broke into tears. I didn't mean to either it just happened - I am becoming one of those sappy women who cries at the drop of a hat since yesterday's great news. They totally understood my sanity snapping and don't hold it against me but I still feel embarrassed I let it happen. I was like one of those ladies you just feel sorry for who just go insane and rant at everyone and look like they belong in an insane asylum. It was just ugly. Afterwards I got to talk to Sam's teacher and got his homework packet - she is such a doll and will miss Sam. I also got to talk to Aaron's teacher and he will bring home his homework packet on Friday. She is sad too that he won't be in class and worries he will forget his routine and it will take a while for him to remember the routine again, but really he's only 6 so does it really matter? Not really.

We went to target today to pick up a few things for the kids for our stay up in Washington. Ya know, playdough and coloring books and such. I also picked up a few books for Aaron to practice his reading with. I will go to Wally world tomorrow sometime and finish up the shopping I need to do before we go - pick up those odds and ends and what have you to make the stay in the hotel more bearable.

I still have to clean up the house really good so that it's not a mess when we come back - oh the joys of being a mom & wife. I clean and they mess it up - lol I wish I could just pack them away until it was time to go so that my work wouldn't be ruined in 10 min., but alas they would starve and whine the entire time making me more

Anywho dinner is almost done - I cheated and threw one of those frozen lasagna's that Stouffer's makes in the oven - quick and easy dinner and virtually no clean up. Gotta cheat when I can to make it a little easier on myself this week right?

Oh, yeah and I got a letter from my brother and one of the lines in his letter got me to blubbering like a big boob...

"....We all know however, how strong William is and we know it'll take more than brain surgery to stop him..."

William asked me who the letter was from and then said "Are you crying? Seriously your such a baby sometimes...haha"

Well I hope you all are having a great day and week and will keep you posted. Please remember that I will probably not be here from Jan. 27th thru Feb. 7th because I probably won't have internet access.

Later all!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

{MIL is Rotten}

I knew this was going to happen! We gave her plenty of time and told her the dates we needed her for and she said she could do it and I prayed that she would be a decent person and do what she said she would but NOOOO she has to be a sucky jerky person and flake out for part of the time!!

My mother in law decided she is not going to watch the kids the whole time William and I are going to be up at Ft. Lewis! She calls us tonight - a week before William's surgery - to tell us she is only going to be able to watch the kids from the 27th to the 4th! We have to be there until the 7th! Now I have to figure something else out - becuase if she can't watch them the whole time then really what the hell is the point of her watching them at all? Am I supposed to come back and get the kids and then go all the way back up there when William is supposed to be there the whole time and not leave? I can't just leave him alone up there! I guess I will just have to bring the whole brood up with me - I don't even know how to keep them entertained up in a hotel for 10 days - There really is no place to take the kids up there that doesn't cost money. So Now Aaron and Sam will miss 10 days of school!

This is the last time I put my faith in some one who says they are going to do something that is important and then backs out at the last minuet!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

{Stewart & Shadow}

So here are some new pictures of our gerbils, Stewart (the white one) and Shadow (the black one). They are just so much fun to watch. I hope you enjoy!

{Stressed out}

I have not been getting much sleep lately - I am lucky if I get 3 hours each night of uninterrupted sleep. I know it's the stress (something I thought I had under control, but see that I really don't) of William's upcoming surgery and of other little things plaguing my life right now. I am wondering what I can do to make it easier to sleep at night and nothing comes to mind except to just keep busy during the day and slow it down at night.

I have several pictures in frames that I need to get up on my walls and haven't taken the time to get them up. There is sooo much that I should be getting done - like my list for my mother in law about what to do with the kids while we are gone and what the routine is. Finishing up the laundry and making sure everything is good to go for next week. Sometimes it really just seems so overwhelming!

When the school and the bus transportation couldn't communicate after not dropping off Sam, I lost it and took it out on the receptionists and principle at the school. I know I was right in feeling mad and upset but I know my behavior wasn't helping either - it's like I had a mini breakdown and I just emotionally snapped for a bit. I am writing a letter to apologize and send it in on Tuesday with the kids to give to the office. I would take it in personally but we have William's pre-op on Tuesday. I just felt awful after my outburst/rant and completely embarrassed as well. I mean I have made an ass of myself before but never like this and it was like I was outside myself - seriously am I losing my mind? Probably but I hope it doesn't happen again.

William has been having fun the past few days hanging out with his D&D buddies on Thursday and Friday. I haven't seen him so happy since he got back from Iraq. It's been a nice change of pace to say the least. The kids don't bother him as much and so the house hasn't been as chaotic as it usually is. It helps too that we are getting into our new routine very well. It's becoming less of a struggle with the kids and becoming more like I believe families should behave together - or at least I dream they should be...ha ha.

Anywho, I need to get going and get stuff done today...I feel drained and I know I am coming down with something that the kids brought home from school...but it would figure because how run down I have let myself become. Before I go, there is a positive perspective listed below. Enjoy and I will write more later - at least I hope I will and not get too busy or sidetracked.

(Yep, started over in the count because I got sidetracked the last time around)

1. The kids are playing and screaming with glee and instead of being mad with them and yelling I am taking pleasure in their delight.

2. William put together some books for me to take and trade for store credit at Powell's Book store. He wants me to pick up the photography book I want. Isn't he just too sweet!

3. Ruth comes up to me to tell me after she has poo'ed in her diaper that she is "stinky" all the while holding her nose. It's a cute site and a very good sign that soon she will be ready to be potty trained. I can't wait til she is out of diapers.

4. I got the pictures put into frames, now if I can just get them on the wall I would be set.

5. I got my last two books in the mail this last week. They are awesome! I am really happy they turned out so well.

6. I finished up my client book and now just awaiting it's arrival.

7. I am glad I have a place to vent my frustrations, joys and sorrows. It really does help me to focus and sort thru my thoughts, ideas and life.

8. Life is full of stress and turbulence that it keeps us on our toes and life interesting. Although I would be happy if things went smoothly a little bit more...ha ha.

9. I know what I am going to fix for dinner - usually I don't know what I am going to do until right before I fix it.

10. The boys haven't fought with eachother much today, it's been a nice change of pace and alot more quiet and peaceful.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

{Another one Done!!}

I finally finished up my client book - its got all my clients from this year and last. It will be a great portfolio type book for clients to view when deciding to book me in the future. At least that's what I hope. I got my other 2 books in the mail today and they ROCK!!

from the end of 20...
By photographed by Ar...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

{Field Trip}

I went to be a volunteer for Sam's class. They went to go see Lilly's purple plastic purse a very cute play about a mouse - it was adapted from a children's book by Kevin Henkes. The kids had read it the week before and they were all super excited to see it. I didn't get many pictures because I wasn't allowed to photograph while the play was going - kinda a bummer too because it was colorful and we were right up close! But I understand why we couldn't - don't want people with flash photography ruining your play. I don't use a flash for that sort of Any who below is a the book. A very cute story and one every child should read or have read to them. Lots of good lessons. I am going to volunteer for Aaron's class tomorrow - it will be fun and exciting I am sure - he's excited for me to be there too.


Friday, January 11, 2008

{They Now Have Names}

Our Gerbils now have names and I am Sorry to tell all of you who wanted Ebony & Ivory that those were not chosen. The kids, William and I decided on Shadow of Death for the girl and Stewart of Evil for the boy. As you can see I really had no say in what they were named and that the guys have too much D&D on the brain - maybe we should have named them pinky and the brain? lol

So now Shadow and Stewart - Hey Des, they both start with the letter "S" - are planning on a family (it's been an educational experience for the kid, believe me I have fielded their questions about "why are they fighting that way?" and "Why is Stewart jumping on Shadow like that?" too many times) William of course thinks it's hilarious!

Good news is they finally started using the water bottle - I thought for sure they were going to die of thirst soon because I hadn't seen them use it. But today I saw Shadow drinking and Stewart was trying to "jump" her...Crazy!

I got my clients order today and it had the valentines for the kids in it. They turned out great! I am really happy about the look of them. My poor plant that William got me for my birthday is dying and I still haven't figured out why. Maybe it was too soon that I transplanted it to a bigger planter. probably put it into shock or something. Hey Robbie, maybe you should come over and see what I am doing wrong. My other plants are doing fine - but they are super easy plants - although I used to have a green thumb I wonder why it's turning brown now!

I went to Rice Studio Supply today to get some portrait boxes for an order that I need to deliver tomorrow or Sunday. I have a face to face with a potential client the friday before William's surgery about doing their wedding in July...I can plan out that far just not in February or March right now. I may have a family session/wedding session the Saturday before the surgery - still not sure about that yet, it's for a lady at church. Finally I am getting some good buzz going around at church - if it gets going like wild fire I would be set for the year. (wouldn't that be nice)

My neighbor is going to watch the boys when we go to William's pre-op apt. It's going to cost about $50 but it's going to be worth it so the boys go to their class and I don't have to hear over them while at the appointment. I am glad she can do it for me. It's a blessing for me she's not over booked with kids right now.

Anywho, just thought I would keep ya'll up to date...seems I have been a bit outta it for the past few weeks. Been busy with errands that need to be done before the surgery. We got William's living will and his regular will up to date and I got mine done too. He also got his new military card - I still have to go get mine - forgot my ID when we went last time - it was early and I was super tired. I got my books ordered today - it's been a project in the works for a few months and now it's finally done and all ordered. I should get them in 10-12 days. I can't wait!

William is at his weekly D&D game. He's been happier since he found a game that actually meets at a regular time and they rarely cancel. He took pizza and soda with him tonight - it was his turn. They were stoked - usually it's just chips and soda and now they actually get to be full on something other then mostly junk...haha.

Well I better go - the kids are still up and driving me crazy. Ruth is in one of her moods and the boys won't listen. These are the times I wonder why I punished myself in this manner but then realize it's the good days that make it all worth wild - although during these times I don't see it as easily as I do during those rare good

Night All!!

{Published 2 books!}

I just published 2 books, one for my business and another just for me - chronicling my photographic journey with my family and friends. Can't wait to get them!

Check em out!

By Arya Wiese - photo...

Monday, January 7, 2008

{New Additions}

Can you help us name our NEW additions to our family? Meet THE GERBILS! The black one is a girl and has a thin white stripe under her chin and what appears to be white bracelets around her front paws - she is really active and very inquisitive. The white one is a boy and he's pretty close to albino with his red eyes and white coat. He is very mellow and loves to dig. We didn't spend much and since we can't have a cat or a dog and we didn't want to mess with fish we opted for these cute little creatures.

So if you can think of any cute names just leave a comment and when we decide on the names I will let you all know!


Saturday, January 5, 2008

{The Full Body Project}

WARNING: Nudity of BBW

Oh my goodness! I was up later then I should have been and found that british talk show guy (ya know the one with the black hair on super late!) Any who he had Leonard Nimoy on his show (ya know the guy who played SPOCK in the original Star Trek) and he was promoting this AWESOME book called "The Full Body Project" which is about these beautiful full figured women and the wonderful shapes of their bodies. As a photographer I had to know more and as a "fluffy" gal myself I wanted to see how tasteful it was done. I was blown away and now I am searching to find this book - I want it in my library.


Where you can find more info on Nimoy's exibit and book found by CLICKING HERE


In his provocative new book, photographer and actor Leonard Nimoy captures images of full-bodied women, some of whom are involved in what is known as the "fat acceptance"movement. "The average American woman,"Nimoy writes, "weighs 25 percent more than the models selling the clothes. There is a huge industry built up around selling women ways to get their bodies closer to the fantasy ideal. Pills, diets, surgery, workout programs. . . . The message is You don't look right. If you buy our product, you can get there."

Friday, January 4, 2008

{Fun Swap in progress!}

Check it out...a fun SWAP for anyone with the desire to be more organized.

Here is how it works:

Think about what helps you be it a nifty gadget or two? a system? a compilation of several ideas? Has one particular book or magazine been inspiring to you? What helps you attempt to keep it together? Look around your living space...what you doing in your home on a day-to-day basis to get organized. Not feeling organized at all but you have some ideas and/or thoughts? Share those with your swap partner! After, put together a thoughtful package for your assigned swap partner chocked full of your wonderful ideas, tips, gadgets, etc. (this time around you'll be swapping with the same person sending to you).

For more information please click HERE

Thursday, January 3, 2008

{Falling Behind in my blog: Sorry}

That's right I have been lacking in my blog lately. I post here and on my other one on myspace and both have been neglected lately. Yeah sure I posted some pictures on my other one but to tell ya the truth it's easier to post my pics there then here sometimes.

I have been trying to keep my emotions in check - seems I start bawling at the drop of a hat lately - mostly due to not knowing what is going to happen during William's surgery on the 28th - which by the way is looming closer and closer. I usually don't start crying while hubby's in the room or even up so that's good because he worries when I start blubbering for no apparent reason. I have been having really horrible dreams when I close my eyes at night - I know probably due to stress of all this stuff but it FREAKS me out. Every night is another horror in my subconscious trying to deal with what could happen and of course it's always the worst case or it won't even have anything to do with just William dying but that the kids will die in some freak accident. Either way it's always super scary and about me losing EVERYONE I care about and being left alone.

William asked me the other day why I haven't told the kids that daddy could die during his stay at the hospital and I told him they didn't need to be scared like that before he went - believe me I am freaked enough for all of us. We will be getting a living will done for William within the next week so that we have it on hand just in case. (That freaks me out too, because it's like saying he will die - I know that's not true but it still feels that way to me!)

I have people who want to schedule sessions in February and find myself telling them to call me after the 10th of February so that I will have a better idea of what I will be able to do. Which of course gets me all weepy again about the possibilities after the surgery. I swear it's a vicious cycle of emotional hell.

I have a poem that keeps coming back to me over and over during this whole thing - It's called "The Weaver" and it really brings me some great comfort - lame I know - but it works and calms my nerves. I am trying to not let William's mom bother me and I am thinking that I may just ask her to come up and watch the kids (this way I don't have to worry about them missing school and I won't have to worry about her bothering me at the hospital during William's surgery). This way she feels like she is doing something and the kids won't have to go somewhere they don't know. Win, win in my book.

Below is the poem. I hope you enjoy it. Amazing how much more calmer I am after writing just a snippet in my blog! Maybe now I will be able to sleep without dreaming horrible things. One can only hope!

Author Unknown

My Life is but a weaving
between my Lord and me;
I cannot choose the colors
He worketh steadily.

Oft times He weaveth sorrow
And I, in foolish pride,
Forget He sees the upper,
And I the under side.

Not til the loom is silent
And the shuttles cease to fly,
Shall God unroll the canvas
And explain the reason why.

The dark threads are as needful
In the Weaver's skillful hand,
As the threads of gold and silver
In the pattern He has planned.

He knows, He loves, He cares,
Nothing this truth can dim.
He gives His very best to those
Who leave the choice with Him.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

{Resolutions = GOALS 2008}

I like many have decided to make some new year's resoutions but really they are my GOALS in my life and I would love to get it all done this year - if possible and I can stick with it.


* I want to lose between 2-5 lbs every week this year (72-180 lbs for the year)

* I want to quit eating after 7pm (this could be hard to do, but really when I eat late it's not becuse I am hungry but bored and I need to not eat just because it's there)

* I want to eat on a more regular basis (ya know 5-6 times of lite meals per day not 1 or 2 LARGE meals during the day) Definatly making a consious effort to eat breakfast in the mornings.

* Exercise every morning for at least 20 minuets doing either YOGA or my BIG FAT LOSER video. I have all the stuff to work out now I just need to start using it!


* I want to set up new routines that will make our family more happier when we are together.

* I want to have a DATE night with my hubby again - so this means finding a sitter for an evening a week so we can work on us once a week. We don't have to spend money just being together without the kids for an evening so we can talk uninterupted is great too.

* I want to set up a tenetive schedule of how our days should run so that I don't feel like such a head-less chicken. If we know whats happening next it will help our moods and make us all happier. There will be room for spontanity - it wont be set in stone but it will be a nice guideline. Ya know schedule Bath time, Reading time, Homework time, Family time, cooking and so on.

* I need to talk with hubby about setting up some time where we both have our own ALONE time by ourselves so we can regroup/refresh ourselves from our day - yes, we are both home with the kids and we need our space too - it doesn't have to long maybe just 15 minuets to just relax and decompress.

* I want us to have a vacation every year - something that lasts more then a few days and everyone has a great time. So we will have to start conciously saving for it.


* I am going to start doing the baby steps that DAVE RAMSEY has set up on his system of being Debt Free. I really do think his ideas will help us be where we want to be in a year.

* After hubby's surgery I am going to look into getting a part time job - something in the evenings/graveyard shifts so that I won't have to get a sitter while I am at work.

* Pay for things with what we have in our bank account - Don't get sucked into the whole credit card thing again. (we have been doing great with this but I like to keep it there to remind ourselves that Credit Cards are not the way to get the things you want - Saving for it is waaay better then buying it now 'cause you want it now - not because you need it now)
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