Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I got my very first tattoo today!! Yes, it hurt and yes I plan to get at least one more and yes it will  hurt worse because of where I plan to get the next one.

ReAnna over at Blackbird Studio's did it and I love it!! The worst part was when she had to line the bottom by the owls feet and some of the harts in the center and the outlining but the coloring and such didn't hurt as much.  It was an awesome experience and I am sooo glad I got it done.

This tattoo is for my babes, including those I lost. The boys are the green-blue heart and the girls are the purple ones and the babes I never got to hold are the grey harts. My next tattoo will be below my neck on my back and will represent hubs and I (dragons intertwined with a heart) I am looking forward to getting that one done either in September or October.

Do you have a tattoo? Did it hurt? Did you catch the fever and want tons more done after getting your first?

Friday, August 24, 2012

{Finally a smile}

After all these years we still love each other and because life is less stressful at the moment I am finding my loving husband smiling more and more. I just love him!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

{Proud of my size: week 7}

Despite being super sick I still had to be dressed to run errands that needed gotten and I don't think my kids would have liked me to wear my PJ's to pick them up from school. So I apologize in advance if I don't look so happy in the below images because I was super nauseated and trying not to hurl all over the back stoop.

Mind you I just threw on some jeans, 2 tanks and a cardi and threw up my hair into a pony with a headwrap thing and slid on my black flats to head out. Nothing fancy just pretty basic and mostly what I wear when I am just heading out  real quick and have to leave my PJ's behind.

Even sick I think I look pretty good, that's gotta account for something, right? 

purple tank and pink cardi: Old Navy (online plus selection)
Jeans: lane bryant
shoes: thrifted
head scarf/headband and stripped tank: target on clearance
glasses: eyemart express 

I adore the cherries on the headwrap's fun.

{Tormented Kitties}

I feel bad for my two cats sometimes but then again I remember they are fast and if they didn't want to be caught they would just run away.

Case in point - Hubby likes to grab Toby and give him some "rough love" basically hold him and love him and keep him for his very own - ya know like Elmyra from Tiny Toons.

Of course Toby wasn't having it but only growled and hissed - which is good for him because normally he uses his claws to try and get away from William.

I'm going to love you and hug you and keep you for my very own - ((evil chuckle))

Toby is pissed and looking daggers at me for letting it happen

And then there is Myrna with Sorry - she just loves to torment her and gets upset if she can't catch her, in which case daddy will help her catch Sorry. 

This time Myrna found Sorry's nose and gave her some love kisses and tried to pull her closer but only proceeded in choking her. But it doesn't last long because I usually let it last about 10 minuets and then Myrna has to "let Sorry out to go potty" and Sorry darts out the front door like a bat outta hell.

Sorry has a nose

Mmmmm let me kiss you, hold still!

pretend sleeping - it's how she copes

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{Ceasar's torment}

So Ceasar was tormented by Ruth this time. She carried him, chased him and then afterwards she gave him a nice belly rub. In-between hanging with Grandpa and Grandma and falling asleep of course.  

Myrna got tuckered out and cranky and when she does her hands go right for my boobs. Instead of a comfort blankie she has comfort boobies.

My Dad had a tooth pulled and looks even more redneck then before, it's quite funny but at the same time necessary as it was seriously infected and had to be pulled.

boobie comfort, best sleep aid don'tcha know.

Ruth crashed next to her Grandma while dinner cooked

lost tooth...don't he look like a redneck hillbilly... LOL

ceasar walking

little girl lifting a dog who weighs a little more then she does

see the smile, he likes it.

enjoying his belly rub

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{Back to school}

The kids are back to school as of yesterday. Although Sam and Ruth caught MJ's bug (along with me) and stayed home today. I hoping they feel better to go to school tomorrow because Ruth would be devastated if she had to spend another day at home.

nausea + vomiting = tuckered out kiddo's

Friday, August 17, 2012

{Proud of my size: Week 6}

It's that time of the week again!! I love the shirt I am wearing today. It's fun and flirty and has ruffles! My hair dryer went ca-put so I had to wing it with air dried hair. This lovely broach I got at a lovely antique store. It's an 1960's Avon perfume holder but I cleaned out all that gunk and will put a picture of my family in it. 

I am really enjoying these weekly self love posts. I beginning to really love parts of my body that I haven't before - like my arms and thighs. Plus I am striving to find new ways to wear my clothing from all the other gals who participate in this link up. I am realizing I need more belts and more variety of color in my shoes.

Oh ya and I am finding I have more confidence and don't care so much what others think and I know it's having a positive impact on my kids because instead of constantly talking negatively about myself and being more positive my kids are being more positive about themselves and I am loving that. I didn't realize I had such an impact on them in regards to how they see themselves or me. 

I am glad that I am now having a positive impact, especially on my girls. when it comes to loving your body because I don't want them to struggle with self love and I don't want them to hate themselves just because they are not what society thinks is beautiful. I want them to know they are beautiful!

Thank you, Rachele and everyone else who participates, because of your confidence I have found mine and found out how FABULOUS I really am!
shirt/cami: Lane Bryant
jeans: lane bryant
shoes: payless shoes
necklace: hand made gift
owl broach: Thrifted

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