Friday, March 25, 2011

{Arya's Weekly Weight loss}

No change in my weight this week...kinda bummed about it but at the same time happy it didn't go up. Eating better, working out when I can and trying to get back into tracking exactly what I am eating.

So as a recap, no change in my weight, still at 292. Hoping next week there is a weight loss but I am ok with no change too...

Monday, March 21, 2011

{Just capturing moments}

**warning cute girls below**

I was just messing about with my camera (using natural light, no flash and lower iso & shutter speeds) with my girls and below are the results...I did minimal editing (will do a post later as to what was done exactly).

Friday, March 18, 2011

{Arya's Weekly Weight loss}

It's the end of week one and I have lost 2 pounds. It's been slow going but now that I am back to eating breakfast and making strides to get back to the gym it's been awesome.

We even ate out this week twice and I am really proud of myself and I didn't deny myself but I did watch my portion sizes (which is key). It's been a good week and I hope next week to be even better.

Monday, March 14, 2011

{I was a OWOH Winner X3}

to learn more click HERE
I won three of the OWOH give-a-ways and finally received all of them so that I can photograph them and share them with all of you!

First I won a sweet handmade birdhouse for my shelf made by Jana at Studio 3 Twelve

Then I won a sweet "fairy" journal that Ruth just loves, which was made by Deana at Inspiring Adventures of Always Inspired

and then Today I got the last gift of a 20" pillow cover made by Lisa It's going to look awesome on Ruth's bed!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


This month is the beginning of doing things over and trying to get them right.  Last month was full of sickness and hospital stays and lots of personal self loathing and lots of depression and I want to get a Do-Over!

So this is the start of my new weight loss journey and becoming a more happier person! I know it can be done.  I don't know exactly why I am letting my depression take on a life of it's own in my life but it needs to stop growing and start shrinking and now is the time to get it under control. First thing is first and that's to start getting back to the gym, watching what I eat and making what I put in my mouth count and not just eat junk.

So here is my NEW beginning weight: 294 pounds (*gasp*)

Yes, I acknowledge that I have gained back a significant amount of weight in only a month, (try gaining 20.5 lbs in only a month!) and boy can I feel it! I have been filling my depression with food (unhealthy food at that) and for some reason I quit drinking water on a daily basis and traded up to pop. 

Image found online - I changed the wording in photoshop

But really who cares how it happened, it happened and now I need to work on it and get it under control before things go spiraling out of control. I NEED to get it under control, not only for myself but for my family too. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

{TV shopping}

I started shopping for a new TV last month and wasn't sure what size I wanted, (our last one was a 42" plasma and it was great and all but was older - almost 6 years old - and it was having issues - as in the remote wouldn't work, due to several moves the buttons on the side weren't working properly - and then due to it being older the bracket to hang it on the wall wasn't made for that old of a TV - and me being me and just having MJ and the hormones raging out of control, I SOLD THE DARN THING 'cause that was the last straw for me, to the dismay of my hubby).

I knew I didn't want to have the same size TV again and knew I wanted to go smaller but also knew hubby wanted something larger then my little 19" LCD that we have been watching TV on for when family and friends come to watch a movie with us.

I already had the bracket up on the wall, (one that doesn't tilt or do anything fancy), and one of the things I checked was how far apart the spacing was for the TV mounts on the back of any TV I was thinking of buying, ('cause that was an issue with the old TV), plus I knew it had to be 1080p and not 720p (this was very important to hubby).

The next thing I looked at was how many things I could have hooked up to it at once, (I wanted the Wii, Xbox and DVD  player to all be hooked up at the same time), this was a hard thing to find in a LED and in anything bigger then 40" so I kept my search to the LCD type of TV because the plasmas were just too heavy and seemed bulkier then the LED/LCD type flat panel TV's.

I finally settled on a 37" LCD "Dynex" (what sort of name is that anyways?), and I am very pleased with it because not only is it smaller and fits the wall bracket nicely but I don't feel like it over powers our livingroom and all my electronic equipment can all be plugged in and I don't have to worry about the kids changing out the cables for the game systems which means I don't have to either!

Most importantly it was on sale and a great buy. I am cheap I mean frugal and don't buy expensive things on a whim (unless used) so this did take some time in looking and I asked alot of questions and looked at way too many TV's. This TV was fairly light compared to the plasma we had before (took 2 people to lift the plasma and I could lift this one all by myself without struggling) and the color and clarity of the picture were/are really nice (important to me because I just see things that most don't due to being a photographer).

Now I just have to figure out how to hide all the cords hanging down so they don't drive me bonkers, (which won't be hard just need to find the right tools to do it with - which everyone seems to be out of right now or I am just too worried about other things to find them)...

So when you are looking for a replacement TV be sure to know what you want out of it and make sure it will have all the hookups you need and if not make sure you can adapt your equipment to fit the other cables the TV may take. Bigger isn't always best and as I learned brand name doesn't necessarily mean your getting a quality product, sometimes generic is best.

I hope that my experience will help you in finding your perfect TV. I know I learned alot and finally found a great replacement and it's the "perfect" size for our little family.
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