Friday, April 25, 2008

{William's birthday & the park}

As some of you may know my dear hubby turned 31 on Monday and I did take a few images, not much though. We watched a movie with family and I made my famous chicken spaghetti with garlic bread and made a small cake for desert. I think William had a good time. I even decorated the house a bit too. Below are a few images of the candle blowing.

Today we took the kids to the park to get out some of their energy - finally a day with no rainfall!! I got a few images of the kids playing and having fun. (well for the most part)

Enjoy! I am going to go have some of my famous meatloaf.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

{Have you seen PBS lately?}

**disclaimer: I recieve no money from PBS for**

Well? Have you ever watched the specials on PBS (known locally as OPB)? We don't have cable and only get whatever our antenna picks up, which is mostly local stations and a handful of HD channels as well which includes 4 OPB HD channels. Because there is nothing worth watching normally on any of the other channels OPB has become a staple in our home. It has a great series called NATURE that talks about different aspects of wildlife and nature around the world - the kids love it. They also have specials that come on thru out the month.

Tonight I watched National Geographic: Strange Days on Planet Earth which is about discovering the link between our everyday actions and our most precious resource - water. It was a very eye opening documentary about how what we do everyday can effect the environment around us and eventually will effect us in the end. Of course now all I can think about is how much plastic I need to stop using and a leaching chemical called Bisphenol A. It comes from plastics and one plastic in particular are baby bottles. I am going to look more into it.

Yesterday we watched a series called NOVA: Car of the Future which talked about alternate fuel sources and lighter stronger and better ways to make a car as well as the future of the auto technology. It was very cool.

PBS is like a mini Discovery channel. Last year they had National Geographic: Blue Planet series which was cool to watch. It's been very informational and gets the dusty parts of my brain turning again. So check it out, enjoy what you can explore on PBS.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

{Pretty Princess}

Ruth love her princesses, barbies and baby dollies. She has a few dress-up outfits - a funky witches costume she wore last halloween, a farie costume she wore the year before and a fluffy, frilly dress someone got her for christmas. She loves them and today she wouldn't get out of them. She did however put a pair of sweat pants on underneath to keep her legs warm. She wouldn't wear a coat outside when we went to the store because it wasn't "princess enough" to go with her outfit. I did however, convince her to wear a scarf and hat. She looked so adorable with her funky witches costume on, black pants, funky scarf and purple hat with pokadot sunglasses to keep her eyes protected for the bright sun. She will only watch princess movies - Cinderella, little mermaid, princess tales, beauty and the beast and sleeping beauty. The boys are besides themselves because she won't have it if her princess movie isn't they can't watch their "boy" movies - at least for today....

It was comical to watch Ruth this evening twirling so her fluffy skirt would float out around her. She looked so happy. It's a memory I am going to hold on to for some time.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

{Sick, Sick, Sick}

I have been down and out for some time now. I got whatever bug the kids brought home about 4 weeks ago, got over it and then got it again when they brought it back and then I was almost done with the second bought when I got hit with another strain that was nastier. I have been coughing so hard my chest feels like it's going to explode. I have spent too much money on cough, cold and flu meds not to mention bags and bags of lozenges.

To top it off Ruth and Aaron both have ear infections and are taking medicine for it. Just wait and soon I am sure Sam will get it

I am working on William's birthday. He will be 31 on Monday. I am going to have some people over to the house to help ring in his 31st year. Should be fun.

I am grateful that Sam doesn't holler for me or william to wipe his bum anymore but frustrated he thinks he needs 1/2 a roll of TP to clean his bum. He's made the toilet overflow too many times. I swear all my towels are dirty and soppy wet now.

Ruth is becoming more and more independent, she tells us "NO! I doing it or NO! me doing it!" We can't help her wash her hands or help her put her clothes on anymore - which is fine when we are not in a hurry but a pain when she waits to do it until last minuet. lol

Aaron is doing really well in school. He is reading like crazy now and is so proud of himself. I am proud of him too. He loves to draw and write a story about the image he created.

William is doing well. We have his 3 month post op appointment on the 29th. I can't believe it's already been 3 months. Well I need to go and clean some more. Hope you all are having a great weekend.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

{Sleeping Ruth}

I took this image of Ruth after she fell asleep on William.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

{Another day at the Park}

We took the kids to the park yesterday for a short while to help them get out some energy. Sam didn't want me to take his picture so not many of him and Everytime I tried Ruth would get in the way because she wanted her picture go figure.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

{For Sale}

I am selling my Nikon N80 film camera body that I would like to sell for $100.00
and my Sigma 55-200 mm D (1:4-5.6) that I would like to sell for $100.00 (it has a Hoya 55 mm UV filter and a Cokin Circular Polarizer and a nice lens hood)

you can buy them individually or if you can purchase them together for $180.00

Both the lens and camera are in good working order. I just can't see having them sit and collect dust. I used them when I did my own b&w prints. It's a great little camera and the lens is great for outdoors.

I am trying to clean out what I don't use to help save for a new camera.

I take payments thru paypal and if product would need to be shipped please add $10 for S&H

I have 23 playstation 2 games for sale - I would like to sell as a group for $95.00 or If you want to buy them individually it would be $5.00 per game. You can pay thru Please add $10 in S&H fees.

LIST of Titles and their ratings:

* Twisted Metal: Black K - Rated M - (2 copies)
* Power Rangers: Dino Thunder - rated E
* 007: Everything or Nothing - Rated T
* SOCOM II: US Navy Seals - Rated M
* The Incredibles - Rated T
* Champions of Norrath - Rated T
* Medal of Honor: European Assault - Rated T
* Spiderman - Rated E
* Fire Warrior - Rated M
* X-Men: Ledgens - Rated T
* Need for Speed Underground 2 - Rated E
* Goblin Commander: Unleash the horde - Rated T
* Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the imperfects - Rated T
* The Sims - Rated T
* Finding Nemo - Rated E
* Resident Evil: Outbreak - Rated M
* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: BattleNexus - Rated T
* Hitman: Contrats - Rated M
* Destroy all Humans! - Rated T
* Lego Star Wars - Rated E
* Star Wars Battlefront - Rated T
* Star Wars Battlefront II - Rated T
* Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the sith - Rated T

Friday, April 4, 2008

{At the Park w/ Nana}

Yesterday after the boys were done with school we went to Nana's house so that I could get online - darn internet was down again! The kids played in her big backyard and then when Nana got there we walked down to the park and had lots of fun. I was bummed because 1/2 the images didn't turn out because my camera is on it's last legs but I was able to at least get these ones that show the fun everyone was having. I hope you enjoy!

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