Friday, September 4, 2009

{Goings on}

The boys started school August 31st. They have today and Monday off for labor day weekend. They both are enjoying their new classes and teachers and I am enjoying the quiet of the day. I wake up earlier then the boys in the mornings to fix their lunches, (I decided it was time for me to start doing that, it will save us money during the year now that they both go full time), and they really appreciate it too since they will get some say in what they get.

During the school hours I tend to get alot more stuff done and going out to run errands isn't as hectic or stressful when I have only one child. Ruth is loving the fact that she is able to spend more time with William and I during the day without having to compete with the boys.

We have decided to just rent thru this school year and put off getting a house of our own until the end of the school year, (sometime between June and September), we are looking for a rental in Fruitland so the kids don't have to start again with a new school, but it's tough going since we are looking for a 4 bedroom for under $900 a month. If we have to we will start seeking outside the Fruitland area.

We have had several showings of my uncle's house since it first got on the market three weeks ago. We hope to move out by October, but we will see how it goes. So, if anyone knows of a place in Fruitland for rent let me know.

Wednesday I took some pictures for the young woman's fashion show. It was all about the importance of modesty and the girls showed off their modest clothing and how it could be just as cool, if not cooler to be modest during these times when we get conflicting information from magazines and tv telling us that we can only be beautiful if we show alot of skin. The girls did an awesome job. I am glad I could snap a few pictures.

I took the kittens into the vets yesterday and they will be staying there until Saturday. They both are getting fixed (ie: neutered and spayed). Ruth was upset that her "babies" were not coming home and had to have surgery. But I explained to her that we don't want any babies and we are being good pet owners in making sure they can't have any. She was soon ok with the decision and keeps asking me "when will they come home?"

We are going to take my Uncle out to celebrate his birthday tonight. His birthday was on the 2nd but we were both busy and today is the first day this week that we all can do it. Should be fun.

Saturday is our weekly game night with my dad and his wife. We play Dungeons and Dragons, have dinner and just hang out. I made sure this week to have rootbeer and vanilla ice cream on hand so that we can make rootbeer floats. When we took the kids out to eat at A&W this week they got them for the first time, apparently I am a bad mother for never giving it to them sooner. It should be a big hit.

Anywho that's the Goings on around here and hopefully I can keep things better up-to-date from now on...I hope.

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