Tuesday, November 12, 2013

{ Yeah, I'm a Slacker! }

That's right, I'm a slacker or just too busy with life to write on my blog, but I am hoping to get this blog back on track. I just have to find the time to squeeze it into my already packed schedule, what with visits to the VA, home schooling my three very active kids (plus an extra kid 3 times a week too) and trying to keep a toddler entertained. My house has suffered since I started home schooling so I have to figure everything out and try to figure out a routine that works for me. 

Life is just crazy hectic for me right now, but I am trying to do better, I think I might actually have to use a set schedule, (I hate those things 'cause they tell you what to do and when, *sigh)

So since I last posted I had pictures taken of my family by my very talented friend, Lauren, owner of Shady Lanes Portrait Studio. She took the images and I got to edit them. We had the best time! Look How big my kids are! Can you believe my oldest is 12!!! I feel so old.

I thought because I was the one NOT taking the pictures my kids would cooperate, I was SOOOOOO very wrong. The boys didn't want to take pictures at all and below are the images that were taken, ALL of them. Lauren only got about 15 minuets before my boys decided they had enough. Oh Well. I do know which one will be our Christmas card though this year and which one I will blow up big for my wall.

Can you believe it's already November!!! *sigh* It seems just yesterday it was the beginning of 2013 and now here it is almost the end of 2013. Why can't the time just drag on like it did when we were kids?

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