Wednesday, December 11, 2013

{Tattoo's and more}

William and I got matching tattoos for Christmas, because getting someone's name on your body permanently is just bad juju, I'm sure you know many a couple who got their significant others name tattooed on them and now they are no longer together - how embarrassing. 

Well, I didn't want that so we looked and looked and finally decided on two dragons forming a heart, the red one is for hubby and the blue is for me. Hubby wanted a celtic knot circle around us and I just wanted the dragons. They turned out AMAZING!

For my birthday I went back a few days later and got a cheshire cat on my other wrist. I love how it turned out! In January I will be getting one more for my grandparents who past.  Pictures will come when I get it done after the new year...can you believe in a few short weeks it will be 2014!!

My mom got me interested in Persimmons and I have been eating them like crazy, I just can't get enough of them. They are super yummy and just what I want right now. I must be missing something in my diet if I am craving them sooo bad, glad they taste good!! You should try one. Just a quick note, this is a fuyu persimmon and tastes good no mater it's ripeness the others are bitter and dusty if not properly ripened.

My girls have been wanting me to paint their nails with dots, so of course I oblige and have taken to doing the same for myself too. I use a dental pick to apply the dots, its the perfect tip and easy to clean afterwards too, plus they are super cheap and reusable. The girls nails look amazing but mine as you can see from the photo below could use some work, but I don't care too much since I did it myself with a three year old trying to "help" me paint...haha

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