Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{Potluck and Gaming}

William's meetup group had a potluck at Phoenix Fire Games and they had a great turnout. I made sure there were subs but I couldn't stay because I have been sick with some nasty little bug (found out today it's bronchitis) and I left Aaron to help William and William put him in charge of snapping a few pictures of the event while I took Sam, Ruth and Myrna home with me to cough in privacy. Below are the images Aaron captured of the night and the last two images are ones I took when we came to pick them up.

I really should leave Aaron with William more often because he captured a lot of fun moments, especially of himself! Enjoy!

I took this image obviously since Aaron's in the picture

and I took this one too 'cause I wasn't sure what William or Aaron had captured

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