Friday, May 27, 2011

{Office sorta before & After}

I found out a few days ago that I have bronchitis and that's why I haven't been able to fully function as a human being let alone "super mom" but got a surprising call today to find out on top of bronchitis I also have strep throat. YAY ME! But regardless of my illnesses this year I got around to finally getting my office slash guest room somewhat functional yesterday.

Mind you my office still has a bit to go but at least it's getting closer to finished. My office also combines as a guest room when company comes. It's kinda been my "everything that doesn't have a home store room" for so long that it was driving me nuts to not be able to find the things because the box they were in was buried.

I mean by no means is my office done - I still want to put up a few more shelves and organize my file cabinet and figure out what I am going to be putting in the hope chest (which is under boxes right now) but it is coming together nicely and can now be used to welcome guests and has become a bit more functional. Plus, I got to put up my artwork all over my room - I have more to put up but at least it feels like MY room and not just a storage room with my computer in it.

Below are some pictures taken the day before the "big clean" and a few taken after.

see the pile of laundry & boxes covering the couch - plus a chair I am going to redo this summer

it's just a mess

view from the door - the couch has storage under the seat and folds down into a bed

the white dresser holds extra linens

yes there are still boxes and YES that is a christmas tree but at least I am getting somewhere

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