Tuesday, December 6, 2011

{Messy with a side of Christmas}

When I did a session for a friend Ruth got a cat tail and although I told her to keep it outdoors, that just wasn't in the cards and of course Myrna got ahold of it....

fluff everywhere and she wasn't done yet

Ruth didn't want the fluff cleaned up

she was trying to save it from the vacuum

the fluff was everywhere

Mind you, this mess didn't last long but the fluff was everywhere!

Now onto a couple days later...Our tree is up along with the small amount of christmas decorations we have. (makes it easier to take down before Ruth's birthday). We got rid of our big tree and got one a bit smaller and more manageable.

Last year I never did put up our tree...this year I forced myself to do it for the kids. They helped put the ornaments on the tree.  This time of the year is so hard for me - it's just not the same without my grandma....

Our christmas tree

Our Homemade tree angel

my grandmother's wisemen

a little girl made for my birthday many, many years ago

our newest edition that I got for a steal

our noseless snowman given to us a few years ago

the stockings hung with care

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