Thursday, December 20, 2012

{Self Love}

Hi, I'm Arya and I have just turned THIRTY THREE!!! I am happy to say that fashion wise I finally bought a pair of "jeggings" (jeans meets stretch pants) for the first time and I normally wouldn't wear them but stepped out of my comfort zone and took a leap on a black pair. They are comfortable and I LOVE how I look in them. I also LOVE that I am starting to feel comfortable in my skin and not just feel like some skinny girl trapped in a fat girl body - I actually like how my style is evolving and how I am now able to wear more fitting clothes that show my curves instead of wearing too big clothes that make me look like I threw a king size blanket on as a shirt.

I am enjoying life and trying not to let the little stuff slow me down and sure I want to lose weight and I actually have lost 15 lbs so far but regardless of if I make it to my goal or not I am happy with the body I have. It's amazing and gave life to my four babes, how could I not love it.

Thirty three has started off with a huge bang of SELF LOVE!! Stop the negative/hate talk in your head and start to replace it with positive/loving talk. As women I find we tend to be harder on ourselves and more critical of our bodies because of all the excessive media out there talking about how we need to be a size 2 to be happy. Well, I am here to tell you that you don't. Be happy with yourself and others will want to be around you because of it. 

Just be happy with where your at, even if you want to change it, love yourself at whatever stage your at in your journey and remember your not alone. Some days are going to be harder then others but always try to say something nice about your body before you go to bed and again when you wake up and soon those negative thoughts will fade and be replaced with wonderful positive thoughts and one day you will just look at yourself and know how beautiful you really are.

I have been married to my hubby for almost 13 years and for most of that time I hated how I looked and hated the curves and rolls that seemed to take over my body, especially after being pregnant nine times. And I would make comments about how hideous I was or how cow like I had become and it drove my husband nuts because he only ever saw me as sexy and beautiful and couldn't understand why I didn't see what he saw.

Now, after all that time, I see that I am sexy and beautiful and worthy of his love and worthy of my own love too. I now knows and see what my loving husband has always seen. A FREAKINGLY FABULOUS CURVY WOMAN!! 


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