Monday, December 10, 2012


So I am back after falling off the blog-o-sphere for over a month, (please forgive me). It's been crazy since halloween when my uncle Clay had a heart attack and I got a call that his heart kept having to be restarted and that he was being taken to the hospital. Pretty scary stuff since he had to be placed in a state of hypothermia because they wanted to preserve brain function. 

My Aunt and Uncle from Montana (my uncle's brother and his wife) came out to check on him and make sure he was ok because there for a while we didn't know if he was even going to make it. Like I said it was a scary time but it was so good to see them.

They had Clay out for several days before they brought him back to see if he was "all there" before they could do open heart surgery. Well he woke up and WAS "all there" so he had a heart bypass. 

During this time while having guests my toliet and plumbing decides to go haywire and I end up spending all and then more of what we had saved up to get it fixed but it was all cleared up before Clay was released from the hospital. He stayed in our guestroom for 2 weeks then moved back into his travel trailer in our driveway and is doing much better and recovering very well.

Shortly after Clay moved back to his trailer I cleared out the guestroom of the guest bed, my craft stuff and my computer and moved Aaron into it so he could have his own space. I then moved the girls out of their room and moved Sam into there since it was the next smallest room and then moved the girls into our room and moved our room into the boys old room since they had been sharing the largest room. 

So for a bit I was busy with moving rooms and organizing them and then I started my holiday sewing and created a cute elephant pattern (which took 3 attempts to get just right) and a monster pattern that I love and may one day share but I am a bit too busy to figure it all out right now.

black elephant was the first try, the white elephant was the 2nd and the red one was my last attempt.

I am just prepping for the holiday's now and trying to get all my packages finished so I can mail out what needs mailed and wrap what needs wrapped since it's only like 14 days until Christmas. I haven't even gotten my christmas cards ready to mail, but I did manage once my uncle was feeling up to it, to get our family picture finished so I could shove 4x6 prints into the cards of our family. I did the exposure and got the position right so my uncle could click the shutter. I think it turned out great considering I had to photoshop 3 heads and move my husband closer because he decided to stand like 2 feet away from everyone else, but at least I got them all done, at least until next year.

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