Monday, January 13, 2014

{2014 So Far}

I am making goals for this new year...last year I didn't make any, or at least I couldn't find any. Maybe I only posted them on facebook, who knows.

{GOALS for 2014}

* Make lifestyle changes that will benefit my health (this means moderation and getting back to making food from scratch and not eating/drinking so much processed stuff)

* Exercise (This means getting up off my butt and doing stuff outdoors with the kids more and getting some actual PLANNED fitness into my day)

* Reduce the YELLING (This means that I need to get up and find a kid and not YELL for them and to talk to my kids like I would an adult when I'm angry with them and not just yell in frustration, I want a more peaceful home)

* Read More Books (This means keeping the TV off and reading more to set an example to my kids and making sure they are reading more books too and discussing what they are reading with them)

* Craft More (This means carving out time during my day/week to devote to my crafting like watercolor, drawing, sculpting and sewing)

* Generate more Income (This means finding a non-traditional way to generate income, like thrifting, crafting and more selling on ebay, etsy and locally since I can't really get a normal job outside the home because I have to be home with kids)

* Be Happier (this means looking at all the good stuff that happened during the day and not all the crap that may have happened and not let life stress me out like it has this past year)

* Get my home organized and more Functional (This means de-cluttering, finding homes for things and getting rid of stuff that we haven't touched since we moved into our house three years ago - I am so tired of seeing "stuff" and being stressed because I have no place to put it)

So these are my goals for the year 2014, some may take me the whole year to accomplish or longer but I plan to make smaller goals to get to these bigger goals. It's all about baby steps, right?

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