Wednesday, January 29, 2014


So this post is about me, that's right, I said it's about ME! I am growing out my bangs and have been wearing headbands looking like a hippie. I also have been reading lots of ebooks with my kindle fire and hang my eye glasses up on the mini blinds so my cats don't chew on them. I got a new bedframe and a new comforter and shams. Oh and I also colored my hair recently. My hair is now past the "choke me" stage so now I am starting to wear it down more often.

I also helped my friend whose hubby tutors my boys with her tardis, isn't that awesome!! I love dressing her cat in a crown and pearls, too.

looking like a hippie


see, glasses hanging

kitty with crown and pearls

Tardis looking sweet!

New hair color after 1st application

hair after second application of color

and of course a b&w just because I can.

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  1. I love the photo of the kitty with the crown and pearls! I have a vintage children's book titled 'Captain Kitty' and it is a book about a family of cats who go to an island and visit the 'native' cats who dive into the sea and find pearls. The Queen Cat of the island wears pearls around her throat and a pink, conch shell on her head for her crown. I just couldn't resist making a comment!
    Teresa in California


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