Saturday, April 16, 2011


Last night I got to watch my husband baptize both of our boys. Most baptisms there is only one dunk, everything stays under and then it's over, not with my boys. Aaron was first and between his toe, hand and head coming up it took three dunks to get him baptized. Next it was Sam's turn and his feet just kept popping up so he ended up getting dunked four times! I heard someone in the crowd whisper (not so quietly) that "they may have needed extra cleansing", which made me giggle.

If you read my blog on a regular basis you may know my struggles with finding a good ward, and you know what, our current ward is quite awesome! So not only did we find a great house but it came with a great ward.

Below are a few quick snaps before the boys got baptized or "bap-IZed-tized" as Sam kept saying. By the way now that Sam is baptized he keeps saying to everyone that he's now "A member of the church, call me brother Isaac". Mind you he wants to be called brother Isaac because Aaron is now known as brother Wiese and he doesn't want to be called the same thing so he is going to use his middle name and his children will all have the middle name of Isaac. Gotta love Sam's logic.

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  1. Wow 7 dunks for 2 kids! That must be some kind of baptismal record! LOL All kidding aside, congrats to your boys. My girls' worst fear was having to get dunked twice. I made sure they had tight french braids so hair wasn't an issue and they made it on the first dunk.


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