Sunday, April 3, 2011

{Updates: Weight Loss and Other stuff}

I have lost another 2 pounds, bringing my weight to 290 pounds, that's 4 pounds lost in just 3 short weeks.

and now onto THE OTHER STUFF

This past week we took the kids to the zoo on one of the nice days we have had for their spring break. It was awesome and I left my camera at home so I could fully enjoy the experience with the kids, instead of searching for "the perfect shot". 

We found Alex a new home this past week with a super nice family. He kept escaping from our backyard and although he was a sweet dog I just couldn't keep trying to find him whenever he escaped due to having kids and a baby to take care of. Sam was really sad about it but understood why and is now focusing all his attention on Ceasar and even has him sleeping with him at night. Ceasar is super happy about all the attention he's getting not only from Sam but from all the kids, he doesn't seem to miss Alex at all.

William was able to play test a new game idea involving Dungeons and Dragons with a bit of Space fantasy thrown in. He had a good turn out and even my brother, Gary, his fiance and little one got to come too. While Gary played I got to hang out with his gal, Jasmine, and it was nice getting to know her. They will be coming back next weekend so Gary and the others can finish play testing the new adventure and I am hoping it will be nice so that Jasmine and I  can take all the kids somewhere fun.

Tuesday the boys go back to school and I am really looking forward to it. It's been crazy but I have had fun with them but I am also looking forward to them going back to school.


  1. congrats on the continued weight loss - i am NOT looking forward to that again after the baby is born. not. at. all.

  2. Congrats on the weight loss. I just started a new challenge on my Facebook page and am determined to win, so I have to kick my butt into gear!


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