Thursday, June 2, 2011

{Bobcat: WHOO-HOO!!}

My boys got their bobcat in boy scouts! I even remembered my little camera and it was great to capture the moment! After they got the bobcat patch they played a few games and to end it all was a 3 legged race which I caught in video!! Enjoy!

MJ before the scout meeting and she took this one herself - I just love it!

Sam "pinning" me and doing a "good turn"


here the boys are telling what they learned since being in scouts (notice they have different shirts? it's so they don't fight over them!)


Ruth took this picture of William and MJ

"Turtle Race" it's alot harder then it looks

Ruth got paired up with Sam during the 3 legged race

Ready, Set, GO!!!
You will notice in the video that Aaron and his partner won but what is hilarious is Sam dragging Ruth to the finish line.

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