Sunday, June 17, 2012

{before & after plus other stuff}

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there including my own dad's and My lovely husband!!

The love of my life and the father of my beautiful children!

My Step-Dad who helped make me who I am today and wonderful papa to my kids

My dad whose crazy and wonderful view on life always makes me smile and he's a great grandpa to my kids!!

Below is something I have been working on for almost a month now using vintage spools, paperclay, yarn, felted wool, sheep wool and acrylic eyes. I think the gals turned out quite nicely, what do you think?

In other news I had to put in my two weeks notice at my new job because it was aggravating my carpel tunnel - making it near impossible to do what I need to do at home. I have been wearing my braces on my wrists for a week strait so far and they seem to be helping but not as much as I would like and I can't really do much with them on.  I feel bad that I can't do the job anymore but my boss understood that I needed to let the job go. It's going to be tough to find another job that will work with my families schedule and needs like this one did. *sigh*

Ruth has been creating awesome drawings on the chalk board and I wish I could frame them but they are on the chalk board so instead I snapped quick pictures with my camera phone before Myrna erased them.

this is of our family from right to left: Ruth, Sam, Daddy, Mommy, Myrna and then Aaron

puppies climbing a hill

Mind you she doesn't always keep her art confined to the chalk board and sometimes uses the hall walls for her creations to my dismay.

Earlier this week I had to take Ruth to the ER because she choose to climb the cherry tree after being told many times not to but who can resist a tree? Anyways she fell and I took her in to make sure nothing was broken because she was complaining she couldn't breathe without pain.

Needless to say she was only bruised but better to be safe then sorry, right?

So anyways. That's what I have been up to. Nothing exciting but it's life and I am trying to enjoy it, carpel tunnel and all!

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  1. I love your dolls. You're making me regret every old spool I've ever tossed. I’ve never used paperclay, what exactly is it? I totally know what you're talking about with your little "artist" decorating non sanctioned spaces. I'm to the point where my entire main level needs to be repainted since they keep grabbing pens, not just crayons..


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