Thursday, July 12, 2012

{been living a crazy life instead of blogging...}

Life has been crazy. I have been photographing every sunday members of our ward for our online directory and in the midst of that photographed a couple mama's to be and a newborn too. I also had a visit from my mother and sister in law and I helped my mom move from 8 hours away to a little less then an hour away (well, I brought the guys and the boys to help them move, I just directed where stuff had to go).

So as you see I am still alive and kicking (barely) and will be back to blogging soon. Oh and did I mention that I bought a cool couch from 1920 and a couple chairs from the 40's and sold my BIG ugly microfiber couches in the midst of all the chaos over the past month! Oh and we have to make yet another trip to Washington for military stuff too. Oh and we moved my Uncle's motor home and travel trailer into our driveway (we bought the motor home to gut and make into William's dungeon on wheels) and my Uncle is living in the other one until he can find work.

Yeah, life is moving at a record pace for me. I promise to be back blogging soon. Oh yeah and I have put in close to $5000 in the car for repairs over the last 3 months.


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