Saturday, June 9, 2012

{Quick Visit}

My mom came down for a job interview and she only stayed the night and had breakfast with us the next morning and even though it was a fast visit it was soooo nice to see her. I sure have missed her. I hope she gets the job because that means we will be able to do long and short visits all the time! so keep your fingers crossed and good vibes headed her way.

When my mom got here she sat down for a moment and gave Myrna a brush and showed her how to use it...Myrna decided to brush and pull Nana's hair to get the tangles out.

The next morning after breakfast we had a nice visit before mom had to head off for her interview where she got a bit snap happy with her camera! I love the captures she got of the family playing and enjoying their Nana Time.

The boys showed Nana the drawings and books they were working on and she took a couple pictures to remember their artwork by.

Soon it was time for some group pictures before Nana had to leave. We sure are going to miss her and wish it could have been longer.

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