Wednesday, May 30, 2012


new job....
credit - mind you I am all alone when I go to work but this is what I do
I got a part time job washing, drying and folding towels and hotel linens at a local hotel. I work early (and I do mean early) in the morning until about 8 am. Which is perfect for me because I can work while the kids sleep and I actually get sleep too and I am back within an hour of them waking up so they don't even realize I am gone most mornings. Plus I get to earn extra money to help with renovation costs of the attic which means we will get to do it sooner then later!

a facelift needed...

I purchased this at a second hand store for less then $15 
I added some new knobs and spray painted it my fav color
I finally took that ratty old buffet that I got from the second hand store for less then $15 last year and scraped off the peeling veneer, sanded it a bit and then roughly spray painted it. I added 2 vintage knobs (they were picked up from a vintage store). I have another two knobs for it that match but I need longer screws so the old knobs will have to do for now.

 The paint job isn't the greatest but I like that it has a "shabby chic" look to it because you can see some of the dents and dings and life lived by this piece. I just gave it a bit of a facelift.

moving on up...

My babe is growing up and moving to the 1st grade!

the girls and daddy!
Today my oldest daughter graduated kindergarden!! I am feeling old! I am so proud of her and after summer break she will be a first grader!! She was so excited her mom and dad could see her get her diploma!!

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