Thursday, November 19, 2009

{Going to be MIA}

The last week or so we have been packing up a storm, preparing for our move this Saturday to our new place. I have been so busy getting the kids registered at their new school, so that they can start on Monday, getting a uhaul and got all the new services turned on at the new place and old service ready for shut off at our old place...with one exception, our internet will not be hooked up until the first of December. We are hoping we can get a signal but more then likely we will have to just wait. I'm kinda bummed about it but happy at the same time, if that's possible, because we will be able to focus more on getting the house ready for all the family we are going to have for Thanksgiving.

My brother, Gary, and his girlfriend, Sarah, have been helping us pack up since Tuesday. It's been nice having them here the past few days. Not only do they help us pack, but keep the kids entertained while I pack, which has helped tremendously, because I don't have kids asking me a million and one questions while trying to pack boxes and they don't get under foot while I move them too.

I am really excited for the move, it's going to be so nice to have all that extra living space. I will upload images once I have the internet back up and running.  I look forward to my return and hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving!

See you when I get back!!

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