Friday, November 13, 2009

{Have I mentioned...}

That moving is hard work? Well, it is! But I am loving it! Go figure...I am so excited about our move into our new place...I know we are just renting it but it's going to be soooo nice to have so much more space!

Due to the different configuration of the new livingroom and because our sectional won't fit down the stairs to the familyroom in the basement I have put my sectional on craigslist. I am so excited because it means that I was able to go and pick out a new livingroom set for the new place...Have I mentioned that I am excited!!!

I found out what school the kids will be attending and I think that school will work out for us. They have a pre-1st grade class but it's called K-1. I am feeling sooo good about this move. However, I am going to miss all the wonderful people here who have welcomed us with open arms and befriended us. The ward here is wonderful and it will be missed along with all the wonderful and loving people who go there.

I know this move seems sudden and anyone who knows William and I, know that when we make a decision that it's usually quick and feels right, and this does feel right. I know it's where we are supposed to be. Everyday since we put our deposit down, the feeling just grows stronger and stronger about how right this choice is. It's such a great comfort to know that our choice is right.

I am so grateful and so excited for this move. Packing is going to be a chore but not too hard, I think I have become a better packer with each move we have had. It helps that most of our stuff is in storage, already packed up and ready to go...our boxed stuff has been so lonely spending a whole year packed away in storage because we just didn't have room in the house for it...but now we will have room!

I am super excited to know that I will be able to get cable internet at our new place!!!! Finally I will have fast enough internet that I will be able to watch netflix movies online without it having to "reset my connection because my speed slowed". It's going to be soooo great! Not to mention that I will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving in our new place and have enough room for everyone and not feel so cramped!!! What a great way to kick off our new place with a festive celebration of the holidays!

So here is the rundown...We move in and only have 5 days to get the house ready to celebrate Thanksgiving and then after Thanksgiving we get to set up our Tree and start decorating for Christmas! It's going to be crazy and hectic but it's going to be sooo worth it! I just know it!!!

Sorry for rambling on, but have I mentioned how EXCITED I am!!! If I haven't, I AM EXCITED!!!

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