Friday, November 6, 2009

{Life Changes}

I know in my last post I discussed our struggles with trying to find a home to buy, well we decided that this process isn't supposed to be this hard and that it's probably God's way of telling us to stop for now and take a breath and relax. We will resume looking for a home in a year or so. This will give us more time to save up money and pay off more on my student loans.

In the meantime we are going to find a new place to rent. We just need more space to stretch out. We were hoping to find something around where we live now so that the kids could stay in the same school but we are finding that there really isn't anything that fits our needs and those that do are waaaaay more then we are willing to pay in rent at this time, so we are going to look in Nampa, Caldwell, Boise, Meridian and surrounding areas.  On the bright side, in those areas I will be able to get better internet!! I miss having fast internet.

So the search is on for a new Rental...fingers crossed that we find what we want and that we can move in on the first of December. (fingers crossed) If you know of anything in those areas, let me know. I have been scouring the internet and calling on places left and right. I really hope we find something quickly.

On a lighter note, I received an order from a new vendor and they totally ROCKED the images my client choose from her session. I took them to my client this afternoon and she loved them. I was so ecstatic to see the smile on her face as she opened her packages. It was just like Christmas!


  1. Good luck with finding a home to rent or purchase (in the near future). I know it can be pretty frustrating sometimes!

  2. Gosh, I'm wishing you much luck. We were in the same boat about a year ago and it stunk! We found a house to rent (that would allow pets-which wasn't easy) and then 8 months later moved again to a house that was more affordable and suited to us, so you may have to settle for something and then keep looking. Loved the Halloween pics btw, you all looked great and the leaves in the background really made the photos!


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