Saturday, September 1, 2012

{Proud of my Size: week 8}

It's that time again! With each and every week I become more confidant infront of the camera and become more accepting of how I look and in turn it shows with how I hold myself now. I am embracing my curves, rolls and jiggles that I gained over the course of my life.

I am loving who I am and in turn I am not worrying as much as to what others think and just focus on my family and enjoying my life - because let's face it, IT'S FABULOUS!!

If you want to see all the other fabulously wonderful people who are participating in Rachele's link up just click on the button below!

Uh oh, guess what I did...

Can you see it?
For my pregnancies and because I love owls

Yep, I went and got a tattoo - an OWL one at that!

glasses: eyemart express
black top: thrifted (for 25¢)
purple multicolored cami: lane bryant
jeans: lane bryant
shoes: thrifted (for less then $5)
ring: target
tattoo: blackbird studios (an all girl tattoo parlor)

How cute are these shoes!! I love thrift store finds!!

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  1. Hi Arya I just wanted to say how great this post it, I LOVE your tattoo its adorable!


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