Thursday, September 13, 2012

{I'm running a zoo}

We are helping out some friends and as part of helping them my house has now become a zoo. 8 cats, 4 dogs, 1 hairless rat, 1 old ferrett, 4 kids and 5 adults. Everyone is getting settled and it's not nearly as crazy as I thought it would be. Below are some pictures of our new zoo.

This is TIKI: she will be staying with us even after our friends leave, she's a good mouser

This is SOPHIE: she's a little bi-polar, if you don't do what she wants when she wants it she will attack or love you

This of course is our TOBY: he's not too happy about the zoo that's invaded his home.

This is NUGGET: she's a bit shy but spunky

This is BOBO: he's got some nerve damage and shakes a bit but is the sweetest kitty

This is IZ: he's a fat kitty that is very people friendly and will hop into any lap available for loves

This is of course our SORRY: she's not too keen on the whole zoo invasion either.

This is TIMMY: he's a sweet old kitty and looks like a lion

Ceasar, Milo and Melvis begging for food

MADDY is the big dog on the end, MILO is the dog in the middle and that little ball of rat dog is MELVIS

and here is a quick pic of the hairless rat

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