Sunday, April 20, 2008

{Pretty Princess}

Ruth love her princesses, barbies and baby dollies. She has a few dress-up outfits - a funky witches costume she wore last halloween, a farie costume she wore the year before and a fluffy, frilly dress someone got her for christmas. She loves them and today she wouldn't get out of them. She did however put a pair of sweat pants on underneath to keep her legs warm. She wouldn't wear a coat outside when we went to the store because it wasn't "princess enough" to go with her outfit. I did however, convince her to wear a scarf and hat. She looked so adorable with her funky witches costume on, black pants, funky scarf and purple hat with pokadot sunglasses to keep her eyes protected for the bright sun. She will only watch princess movies - Cinderella, little mermaid, princess tales, beauty and the beast and sleeping beauty. The boys are besides themselves because she won't have it if her princess movie isn't they can't watch their "boy" movies - at least for today....

It was comical to watch Ruth this evening twirling so her fluffy skirt would float out around her. She looked so happy. It's a memory I am going to hold on to for some time.

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