Friday, April 25, 2008

{William's birthday & the park}

As some of you may know my dear hubby turned 31 on Monday and I did take a few images, not much though. We watched a movie with family and I made my famous chicken spaghetti with garlic bread and made a small cake for desert. I think William had a good time. I even decorated the house a bit too. Below are a few images of the candle blowing.

Today we took the kids to the park to get out some of their energy - finally a day with no rainfall!! I got a few images of the kids playing and having fun. (well for the most part)

Enjoy! I am going to go have some of my famous meatloaf.


  1. Love the pics Arya! And can I ask a technical question? How do you get such intense colors and yet retain the skin tones?

  2. I use an action called PETA'S POP, it's on it's own layer and I can adjust and erase back in things if they are too intense. I also do selective saturation with the "sponge" tool (under the burn/dodge button in photoshop). I hope this helps.

  3. I am an idiot when it comes to layers (the lightbulb has yet to come on:) but thanks for sharing your secrets Arya....and if I may be so bold, where do I get Peta's Pop?

  4. I got it off of just do a search for peta's pop.


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