Thursday, April 24, 2008

{Have you seen PBS lately?}

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Well? Have you ever watched the specials on PBS (known locally as OPB)? We don't have cable and only get whatever our antenna picks up, which is mostly local stations and a handful of HD channels as well which includes 4 OPB HD channels. Because there is nothing worth watching normally on any of the other channels OPB has become a staple in our home. It has a great series called NATURE that talks about different aspects of wildlife and nature around the world - the kids love it. They also have specials that come on thru out the month.

Tonight I watched National Geographic: Strange Days on Planet Earth which is about discovering the link between our everyday actions and our most precious resource - water. It was a very eye opening documentary about how what we do everyday can effect the environment around us and eventually will effect us in the end. Of course now all I can think about is how much plastic I need to stop using and a leaching chemical called Bisphenol A. It comes from plastics and one plastic in particular are baby bottles. I am going to look more into it.

Yesterday we watched a series called NOVA: Car of the Future which talked about alternate fuel sources and lighter stronger and better ways to make a car as well as the future of the auto technology. It was very cool.

PBS is like a mini Discovery channel. Last year they had National Geographic: Blue Planet series which was cool to watch. It's been very informational and gets the dusty parts of my brain turning again. So check it out, enjoy what you can explore on PBS.

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