Thursday, August 21, 2008

{Made Our Choice}

We put in the application for the place in St. Helens. I hope we get it because it has everything but the school and we drove by the area and we fell in love with the area so I think I can compromise on the school. I just hope the school there has as good of teachers as the one the kids have now. Keep your fingers crossed that we get it!


  1. Where is it in St. Helens? I glad you chose that one. I loved St. Helens while we were there. I wanted to buy a house there, but the Lord had other plans for us. Both ward are good but we were in St. Helens's 1st. There are sure a lot of wonderful people there. I never really made a lot of women friends there - but, I usually don't. I get along with guys better. But we are still really close to some famiies there. It reminded me of Newport when I first saw it. I liked being by the river. It's just a cool little town. I hope you get it.

  2. I loved St Helens while we lived there, too. I didn't go to school there so I don't know about that situation but it's a great little town and close to a lot of fun things. It also has a couple of pretty "beaches". I worked at the US Bank there for about a year, up until I moved to Washington to live with Samara.


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