Friday, August 1, 2008

{Positive Perspective: Day Eight}


1. I took Ruth and Aaron to the park for lunch and a bit of play time. (sam couldn't go because he had a complete melt-down over the underwear he was wearing)

2. I enjoyed the time I spent with both Ruth & Aaron at the park. We did all sorts of fun stuff.

3. I showed Aaron how to hula-hoop - boy was that a hoot (I looked silly he didn't)

4. I watched Ruth play in the ball pit - she pretended like she was swimming - it was quite entertaining.

5. When we got back from the park - Sam was so behaved - it was a nice change from earlier in the day.

6. After Ruth's nap she got up and went to where her doll house is and started to play with one of her barbie and a ring. William and I just enjoyed it because she was so deep into her little world.

7. Aaron showed me how to make his peanut butter and honey sandwiches. He just loves those! I will have to show him how good it tastes with bananas on it.

8. Aaron watched "Outer limits" with me during quite time. He loves all the weird stuff.

9. I got the biggest giggle while watching our gerbils - Stewart knows when Shadow is in heat and he was chasing her around and around the tunnels and such and she just kept kicking him off. I felt so bad for him but could understand her not wanting to fool around because I am sure she had a "head ache" lol

10. Over all the day was good. Not too terrible at all. Even with the meltdowns from the children. (Ruth had one before bed and Sam had his before our outing to the park)

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