Friday, August 21, 2009


I am sorting thru my magazines trying to get rid of the clutter that they have become. I picked up 2 white binders w/clear plastic on the front and two pockets inside as well as TONS of page protectors and I am cutting out the information I want and placing it in the binders.

The things I am cutting out are party ideas, recipes I want to try, design ideas and projects for kids. Party ideas and recipes are going into one binder and design ideas and projects for kids are going in the other. I am also going to jazz up the front/back of the binders to make them more fun and stylish. (you can see how to do it yourself, here)

Of course I am not getting rid of all my magazines or mutilating them all either, some wouldn't make sense if I took them apart, this is just for those magazine subscriptions that I have had for years and only kept the magazine because of the few things in them. (why keep the magazines when I can just take what I want and put it in a pretty folder?)



  1. i've made one of those binders, too! great minds :)

  2. That's a great idea. I've often kept magazines for that same purpose and then just tossed the whole bunch because it got overwhelming. I like your idea better though!

  3. I decided it was time and now I am overwhelmed with the amount of recipes that I want to


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