Thursday, August 20, 2009


Hubby and I have decided that we need to find a bigger place and while we search we have been down sizing our things. We do this with each move but we have been doing more and more of it since our move back to Idaho.

Now our drive has kicked into full gear since my Uncle has put the house we are living in on the market to sell. (know anyone who loves country living and wants to be in the Fruitland school district?)

So, before we move I have been implementing my many tricks to downsize without everyone knowing it...(I hope.) Below are a few of my tricks to getting rid of the clutter and making the move go a bit more smoothly.

1. While folding laundry, have a sack next to you to collect the "too small" or "overly damaged" clothing. This helps you to know what needs to go and what should be replaced if at all. (I have 5 bags of clothing that are heading off to goodwill)

2. While putting items into boxes really think about weather or not you want to keep it, if not I put it in a "donate" box or "trash" box. This way you are not moving clutter from one space to a new space.

3. I am in the process of going thru boxes that were never unpacked due to us being in a smaller place and I am getting rid of items that I haven't missed.

Thats it for now, but it is sure helping me to weed out items and I will either donate, trash it or sell the unwanted items on craigslist. Isn't moving just swell.


  1. I sympathize with you having to move again. I definitely get rid of a lot of stuff with every move, but seem to still have lots. I like all your ideas. I"m usually really good about not packing stuff that I don't need anymore, until I get to the end when I'm pushed for time then I have boxes full of all kinds of random junk.

  2. My last move I had like 4/5 boxes of random stuff that I am now working on now, it's hard but its going to be so worth it. Everything is going to have a place this time around, I just know it (and hope it comes true)


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