Saturday, August 29, 2009


So I thought I would do an update post...nothing too fancy just writing down what's been happening the past week or so.... here goes:

I let my uncle know that we were looking for a bigger place a few weeks ago and figured it would take him a while to decide what to do....well, I was wrong! He listed it the next week and it's only been on the market a little over a week and already one couple has come to see it and another couple are coming on Monday....

....meanwhile, we are earnestly working on finding a new place to live. We will either buy a place or rent a place. We still haven't decided what we are going to do as of yet. I, of course, AM FREAKING OUT (aka STRESSING OUT!) because things are not set in stone as of yet....

....not only do I need to pack up all of our stuff, rent a Uhaul but I need to find us a place to move BEFORE Clay sells his place, so that we have a roof over our head that doesn't include a steering wheel. (overly dramatic, I know, but this is how my mind works when stressed and right now I am overly stressed)

I am not sure if I mentioned this or not, (see how scatter brained I am, I can't even remember if I said this or not), but Aaron is now taking the discussions so that he may be more informed on weather or not to get baptized. The Missionaries are coming over once a week and he is really enjoying it. It's great to see that he is interested and wants to make an informed choice.

The kids are finally going to be starting school on Monday!!! (giddily jumping for joy, not just me but them as well) They are really excited to get back to learning and hanging out with their friends and getting to know their new teachers, who they met last week.  I can't wait for that bus to pull up and take them away to the great brick building where they will learn like sponges and be reunited with old friends, (as you know I will probably ball for the first hour or so after they leave and cling to them when they get off the bus in the late afternoon.)

So as you can see with my uncle putting up his home for sale and moving on the brain, kids starting school and trying to stay calm - it's just not working and I am stressed to the max....(calm, calm, think soothing and calming thoughts, Arya - darn it! I said CALMING!!!)


  1. just remember, it was your BIG IDEA to be distracted! You prayed for it, you got it! Hope you can get some stress outta your life! Take care!

  2. Yep, it was my idea and I did pray for it...I know this is for the best, not only for us but for my Uncle too, it seems things are going a bit fast and I know in my heart things will work out but for some reason I am just worried about it...I think it's my worry wort side of me...

    Thank you for reminding me that I did pray for this, not sure I wanted it all happening so fast, but then again I was never very specific in what I wanted. But I know the Lord knows what he's doing and it will all be ok.


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