Saturday, August 1, 2009


My life has been good, although I should have listened a bit more and relaxed and rested for the week the doctor told me too. I ended up doing too much yesterday. I figured since It was more then 24 hours later and I felt fine I could get everything done on my list, which included:

* picking up my new-to-ME bed frame in Caldwell
* rearrange my bedroom to accommodate our new bed frame
* get the school shopping done in Nampa
* get replacement paint & miniature stuff in Boise.
* get a new AC since ours crapped out this past week
* get AC hooked up and running right
* get all the clean laundry sorted and put away
* clean kitchen, baths and livingroom
* get kids rooms cleaned
* go grocery shopping

Now I did get the bed frame and with help from my Uncle & William I got the bedroom rearranged. I also got the school shopping done and the paint & miniatures done and before we got home we did pick up a new AC and William hooked it up.

Of course, after all the running around I didn't have the energy to get the laundry sorted or put away (but I did it this morning) or the kitchens, baths or livingroom cleaned let along the kids and forget about shopping for food. Sure I got the food this morning but boy am I still beat.

I am going to be taking it easy and just resting after I go get my dad & his wife. Their car broke down and the kids were looking forward to them being here today for the game. My uncle will take them home so I don't have to make two trips into Meridian today.

I am still depressed and wish things had gone differently but I know it's God's hands and when the time comes for us to have our family be complete it will happen. Thank you all for your warm wishes and words of comfort during this time. It really has helped alot.

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  1. Make sure you get the rest you need! I saw a sign on a local church the other day: "Delay is not denail, so keep praying!"


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