Thursday, October 7, 2010

{She wanted to come early}

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MJ wanted to come early, yesterday infact, and because it was too early (35 weeks and 1 day to be exact). I thought maybe it was just false labor and did everything I was supposed to do to stop the contractions (take a long shower, put your feet up and so on) and they just wouldn't quit so I ran the errands I needed to get done. I paid for the kids lunch for the month and then went to Target (to get the last baby things I needed before MJ decided to come) and then to Lane Bryant (to get undies because the dog just loves to eat my underwear, gross and annoying since my panties are not cheap!) and then we went home to put my feet up.

The contractions were not going away and actually got worse when I was resting in the recliner. While at the stores many people stopped and asked if I was ok because apparently I appeared to be in pain (well I was but wanted to get my errands done and over with and all the contractions were in the middle right side of my back - sucky!). I just smiled and said "It's just contractions and they will go away"

Boy was I wrong and once we got back home William could tell I was in lots of pain and had me call my doc and see what he wanted me to do since the contractions were coming every 1-5 minuets apart. Well I was sent to Labor & Delivery and they found I was dilated to almost 2cm and was given one medication to stop the contractions, which spread them out and for about 20-30 min I didn't have any contractions but soon they came back so then 3 hours later given a different kind to stop the labor because the first wasn't cutting it.

The second pill did the trick and I was sent home 6 hours later after feeding me because they wouldn't let me eat until the contractions were under control, with a prescription for an antibiotic for a UTI that I have to take twice a day and the second medication given to me at the hospital to be taken every 6 hours to keep my contractions at bay.

I did ask before I left if I were to come in next week would they stop my contractions (36 weeks) and they said yes at 36 weeks they will stop them, so I asked if I came in at 37 weeks would they stop the contractions and they surprised me with "It's up to your doc at that time" now I need to talk with my doc and find out when they will let her come 37 weeks or wait til 38 weeks.

All I know is when I got home I felt like a freight train had run me over but I was happy that MJ is finally head down, not engaged but at least she's head down and not sideways in my tummy. All though I don't think she is facing the right way because the contractions were all in my back like when I had Aaron (he was head down but came out "sunny side up" as the doc called it, which isn't apparently the way they are supposed to come out which explained the back labor) so now I am worried and scared that this labor is going to be miserable like that and I will end up with getting the dreaded epidural like I needed with Aaron to make the pain go AWAY, (I didn't need it with Sam or Ruth because the pain didn't even compare to the pain I had with Aaron).

I am looking forward to seeing my little MJ and want this pregnancy over with but know it's still too early and hope she will "cook" a couple weeks longer and hopefully flip around so I don't have horrible back pain because that epidural needle scares the crap outta me. It's big and long and they want you relaxed when they put it in which doesn't always happen because when your in labor you have what they call contractions that make you not so relaxed, ha ha.

Anywho, just wanted to keep you in the loop and let you know what's happening in my little part of the world.

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  1. The difference between a first time mom and a mom that's been there done that is that you do all your errands first before dealing with the contractions. Too funny! I'm glad everything is ok. Tell MJ to stay put a while longer!


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