Thursday, September 22, 2011

{I Won!!}

Cindy at Cinsarah had a giveaway that included a lovely headband from Olives and Pearls and I won the headband (it always shocks me when I win anything).

When it came in the mail today, Ruth was excited and kept asking me what it was. She was tickled orange when she was what it was. It really is a cute hair accessory and will get lots of use at our home and it's well made too.

Below are some images of Ruth posing with the lovely hair band. As a side note I used my big girl camera with my 50 mm lens.

Arrrg I be a pirate maiden!


  1. Hi, Arya!! First off, I wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog. It made my day! I got a good laugh when I read that you thought that I was trying to put a great floral design on my chair. If only I were that creative. Maybe I should have given my two year old paints so he could properly finish the job. I mean, who am I to stifle his creativity, right?

    I love how gorgeous and blue your kids' eyes are! I also love how you call your point and shoot camera your, "work horse" and your more expensive camera your, "big girl camera." You sound like a lot of fun ☺

  2. What sweetness! love the pirate look!


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