Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{Who Knew}

I have been pretty lucky lately. First I won a cute headband and then I won a box full of "Little Debbie" treats and today I got a D-Link home network camera that I won from Shop with Me Mama.

I realize these are not big wins but for someone who rarely wins anything it's pretty cool to find out that you won three times in a month.

Below is the D-link wireless camera that I won. It's pretty cool you can use an app for your i-phone, i-pad or android device to get the streaming video of whatever you are pointing the camera at. How cool is that!

Thank you Shop with Me Mama for having wonderful giveaways!

This was taken with my cell phone - it looks pretty cool

1 comment:

  1. i think that's a HUGE deal!!!!! I never win anything - and last year I won a $100 visa gift card from tropicana - that made up for not winning anything my entire life!!! (i havent won anything since) It seems like you have pretty darn good luck though. :)


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