Saturday, September 3, 2011

{Progress of office/guest room}

 I finally think I have a good start on my office slash guest room. It's finally starting to take some sort of shape. If you remember my post about this room a few months back you will know that now it looks a bit different and some items have left while new and more functional pieces have made their way into this room.

I decided to get rid of the storage fold down couch and went with a full size bed (which was delivered last night!) and a nice antique bedframe that really fits into the age of our house. I have added a nice green secretary dresser (this is where my computer rests, but it also holds all my office supplies in it's drawers).

I still have more to do but at least it's starting to work and flow better - gotta love that!

Our home may only be 1600 sq. ft. and I have to find creative ways to store items and make each space have dual purpose but I also want the spaces to look and feel comfortable and cozy and I think as I figure out what I want done with each space and how I want it to function I am getting more of the feel that I want our home to convey.


BEFORE - VIEW FROM THE FAR WALL (where the new bed sits now)

AFTER - VIEW FROM INSIDE THE ROOM (wall where couch sat in the before image)


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