Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{Family Game Night}

Gary had to work during family game night but Clay came since he was in town. I made Chili for dinner and everyone loved it, even the kids!!

All the adults are playing in a home brewed world created by William and it uses pathfinder rules. It's so much fun, dark but fun. William created an awesome terrain piece for the game and it really helped immerse us in the game.

I am playing a rouge gnome, Gary is playing a human monk, Dad is playing a fighter half-orc, Kitty is playing a half-elf sorcerer and Clay is playing a Elf ranger (his character will be coming and going from the campaign as he's a truck driver and won't be able to make all the games).

our characters fighting zombies and a vampire - ack!

looking thru the cave in the terrain at our characters

William and Clay looking up a rule


everyone having a good time!

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