Sunday, May 6, 2012

{Just Me and what I'm Wearing}

So I keep seeing all these blogs have a "what I wore" post at least once a week so I am going to try and do this too - at least once a week.

I just had hubby take the full length images with my camera phone and the shoe shots were done by my oldest son. I realized when I uploaded these images that I really need to get out in the sun more often. My legs are soooo WHITE!

This dress is so comfortable and the belt works great with it!

I feel pretty in this dress!
super cute brown suede leather wedges that I got for less then $5

Dress : Target
Belt : Lane Bryant
Flower pin : To Sew with Love (won in a giveaway)
Shoes : Found at a Thrift store

Of course after I got hubs and son to take the pictures above I took the phone and snapped a few of myself and of course Myrna wanted one with me too!

Toby is behind me!

That's Sam in the background

I like how the grass looks like a painting 

Me and Myrna!!

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