Saturday, May 5, 2012

{Self Worth}

I don't know about you but I have been feeling un-attractive and very un-beautified. I had a realization yesterday as I was shopping and thrifting that I am letting my own feelings of non-worth and un-attractiveness to effect every aspect of my life - including my relationship with my husband.

My low self esteem and poor body image are contributing to my overall depression and making intimate moments very uncomfortable for me.

I realized this while I was doing my "Mother's Day" clothes shopping (hubs gift to me) and while trying on the clothes I started to feel like my old self and realized too that I am not taking the time to pamper and keep up on my appearance like I used to and because I have fallen into a rut I needed to shake things up and start pampering/taking time for me.

Got my hair did and makeup on

Taking time and energy for myself isn't selfish (although I do feel guilty about it). I know that if I take the time to take care of me I can better take care of every aspect of my life including my family and more importantly my husband.

I bought clothes that made me feel pretty and attractive and while shopping for diapers I picked up a little bit of makeup (mascara, eye shadow and a touch of blush) and while thrifting I found some cute shoes that were comfy and curlers so I could do more with my hair then just pull it into a pony tail.

the dress I got from Lane Bryant along with the shrug and pink cami

this dress makes me feel pretty

I need to start pulling myself out of this rut and I think I have made a huge first step in fixing my self worth and the image of who I am now. I need to start being happy with ME and once I start to like myself again I know I will be able to change things that I don't like instead of letting it get me down.

But first I need to start liking who I am and what I look like and know that my husband loves me and is still attracted to me.

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