Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I have been working on a few different patterns that I created from some old paper doll patterns. I think I have found one I like, although I still may tweak it later. If you notice, all the dolls heads are different shapes, that is because I am machine sewing and trying to learn the fine point of sewing a curve - not as easy as it sounds!

So once I have drawn out my pattern, I transfer it to the muslin, sew it, stuff 'em and then sew on the legs. Once I am done with that I prime the dolls with gesso (I use white but am thinking of using black next time). After they have dried overnight I add clay to the face and sculpt and if I want them to have fancy shoes I sculpt that too. Once they have dried (I like to bake my dolls in the oven to speed up the process), I start painting, once painted I spray 'em with varnish and then if they still need hair I add some hair then I add their arms.

That's it. Simple yet complicated and time consuming. From start to finish it's about 3-4 days, if I don't get interrupted by little ones (which I do so it's more like a week from start to finish). 

I do enjoy the process. It's fun and exciting and no two dollies are ever the same, which I love! I learn something new with each set of dollies I make and as I scourer the net I find the most amazing art and become inspired to try something new or go into a different direction. I am always changing and evolving the process.

New pattern - machine sewn in muslin

primed features sculpted

painted and dressed but 2 still need hair and they all need arms

All finished!

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  1. They are so pretty, Arya!
    I know what you mean about sewing on a curve. It's not too difficult on a large one but small ones... whewww! lol
    The cool thing though is that it doesn't really matter since you are covering them with clay and they look so good when finished :D


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