Thursday, May 24, 2012

{Life Captured}

Life has been insanely crazy the past few weeks. But below are a few images taken with my camera phone of my daily life.

I found this little music jewelry box at a second hand store for one buck. I got it to help keep Ruth out of mine and it seems to be working so far. the bottom drawer pulls out and the top pops up. It's lined with a lovely red velvet and when the bottom drawer is pulled out it plays a lovely little melody.

I spray painted it with leftover robin egg blue from when I painted Myrna's high chair. Ruth loves it!

For Mother's day I just took it easy and told hubby I didn't need any flowers or anything, I just wanted to relax. Imagine my surprise when the fedex man brought these lovelies to my door from my parents!! They sent me my favorite flowers of purple iris's and soft pink tulips!

I did take a quick picture of myself in the little full length mirror I picked up at walmart. I love old navy online because they actually have a nice selection of plus size clothing and it's stylish and not old lady like some stores go when it comes to plus size clothing!

What I wore:
Teal Cardigan: Old Navy
Grey Tank top: Thrifted
Navy stripe skirt: Old Navy

Myrna loves being silly and the image below shows her being just that with a little cardboard easter basket on her head...she's just too funny for words and I just adore her so much. She really does make me laugh. And yep, that's  a doctor who onsie, I made it with printable iron on transfer paper.

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